Yin Yoga Teacher Training

This 45 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for anyone and everyone. Whether the intention is to teach or deepen your personal practice, you’ll be encouraged to explore what you intuitively need.

Discover how Yin Yoga developed through the ancient philosophies of Tantric Yoga and Taoism. Discuss the differences and similarities between Yin Yoga and other types of Yoga.

Dissect 24 Yin postures, studying modifications that allow each posture to fit the individual’s needs, supporting all people in the practice.

Explore how Yin Yoga affects the human body, encouraging the healthy functioning of its systems.

Practice and play will guide us in our explorations with class sequencing as each student finds their own unique balance between structure and freedom.

Pranayama and Meditation are an integral part of Yin Yoga, in which the main objective is to achieve balance among mind, body and spirit. The deep sense of peace we discover in this practice allows us to sit longer in meditation as the “observer”, freeing us from illusion.

Above all, this Yin Yoga Teacher Training will provide you with a sacred space. Together we’ll discover, learn and share; celebrating our similarities and uniqueness through Yin Yoga.