Sukha: Mobility from the Core Out

 Module B | 150 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, he defined the relevance of the terms Sthira and Sukha in relation to the 8 fold path of yoga. Yoga means to yoke or to join together in balance and harmony. We need both the strength and fortitude of Sthira (stable, durable, lasting) along with the ease and grace of Sukha (ease, gentle, virtuous) to set a healthy foundation for our yoga practice and for cultivating a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The thirst to continue learning is the keystone of being a great yoga teacher. The desire to be a perpetual student reveals an open, curious mind and a voracious appetite for advancing your knowledge of yoga; for both your own self growth and for the benefit of your students.

In Module B, Sukha: Mobility from the Core Out, we continue delving into the origins and philosophical studies of yoga. We examine the axial skeleton and the anatomy of the upper limbs. By probing into the true essence of our core, we find the stabilizing architecture of the Sushumna to take us up into the inversion practices.

This program is accredited with Yoga Alliance for 150 Hour Continuing Education (CE) Credits.  These credits may also be used towards your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Advanced certification, with Yogacara GLOBAL.

While Module A: Sthira is not a prerequisite, it is highly suggested.