The Sanskrit word Sthira generally translates as stability but can also mean resolute or even courageous.

Bali 150 Hour Advanced | Sthira

The Balinese people display resoluteness and courage during the ritual celebration of Shiva Ratri (the ‘night of Shiva’), when they stay awake for 36 hours, fasting in silence; practicing self-control in order to become more conscious. It is a time for introspection and meditation and to pray to Shiva for support and strength, in order to reach one’s higher self.

Come to Bali and deepen your capacity for Sthira. Through the study and practice of yoga, discover the resoluteness and stability in your own body, mind and heart.

We welcome you to the Bali 150 Hour Advanced | Sthira program.

Bali 150 Hour Advanced | Sthira (Module A)

  • Taught by: Nancy Frohlick and Juan Villegas

    Location: Bali

    Start Date: July 7, 2019

    End Date:

    Regular Pricing: $ 5575 USD

    Early Bird Pricing: $ 5200 USD


    Early Bird pricing applies to applications received 3 months or more before the start date.

What's Included:

program tuition, double | shared accommodation with shared bath, all meals, program manuals, journal, tote bag, certificate and documentation administration for graduation

*textbooks are purchased directly by students

*due to space limitations, there are only 4 rooms with single occupancy accommodation available ~ additional cost of $1,100 USD ~ email us if you would like this option, or to see if it is still available