The human voice is a powerful and beautiful instrument and this chanting course is designed to give you the tools to share and cultivate this phenomenal gift in your classes and personal practice.

By exploring the history of chant we create a solid foundation, understanding why we chant. Our journey into anatomy will give you a clear understanding of how the body produces sound, show you exercises to support the singing structure and discuss perspectives on vocal technique. Basic Sanskrit pronunciation is covered, as well a foray into the world of vibrations and cymatics of chanting.

The aim of this chanting program is to increase your confidence in sharing your voice through chant. Confidence comes through repetition so the additional recordings are there for you to use as a practice guide, chanting along, strengthening your voice and giving you space to explore your own sound.

Art of Chanting

  • Taught by: Mark Atherton

    Ongoing Enrolment

    Regular Pricing: $ 350 USD


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