300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Advanced

We understand that 300 hours is… a lot of hours! And everyone’s needs and interests are different. So, we’ve created 3 OPTIONS for you, so you can get the education you want and need, to become a 500 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher. Read on for Option A, where you get all your hours at once. Review details for alternative options.

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Advanced program is designed as 2 distinct, yet connected and comprehensive modules for furthering your yoga studies and spiritual development.

The thirst to continue learning is the keystone of being a great yoga teacher. The desire to be a perpetual student reveals an open, curious mind and a voracious appetite for advancing your knowledge of yoga; for both your own self growth and for the benefit of your yoga students.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training advanced

At Yogacara, we understand the challenges of finding the time and finances to further your yoga studies. For this reason, we have created our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Advanced program in a 2 module format; each module consisting of 150 hours of training. The modules may be taken separately within a 3 year time span, or together at the same time. When opting to take the modules together, the program is 34 days. Each module is 16 days long with 3 days off between modules.

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, he defined the relevance of the terms Sthira and Sukha in relation to the 8 fold path of Yoga. Yoga means to yoke or to join together in balance and harmony. We need both the strength and fortitude of Sthira (stable, durable, lasting) along with the ease and grace of Sukha (ease, gentle, virtuous) to set a healthy foundation for our Yoga practice and for cultivating a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Days 1~16 | Module A, Sthira: Stability from the Ground Up

In Module A, the foundation is set for expanding your holistic comprehension of the history and philosophy of Yoga. We examine the anatomy of the lower limbs with a focus on the standing postures. It is essential to understand the functioning structures of our physical base so that we can properly root our feet before moving into the advanced hand balancing postures, covered in Module B.

Days 19~34 | Module B, Sukha: Mobility from the Core Out

In Module B, we continue delving into the origins and philosophical studies of Yoga. We examine the axial skeleton and the anatomy of the upper limbs. By probing into the true essence of our core, we find the stabilizing architecture of the Sushumna to take us up into the inversion practices.

Our small, intimate class sizes and post~training mentorship program provide a nurturing, community atmosphere to help you discover your unique gifts and talents and develop both personally and professionally.

Our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Advanced program is available to anyone who has completed their 200 Hour (Yoga Alliance Certified) Yoga Teacher Training. Combined,  your 200 Hour teacher training certification and 300 Hour teacher training certification will qualify you as a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher.

We welcome you ~ perfect as you are!