How To See Beauty Everywhere

What if I told you that there is beauty everywhere and that you would see the beauty everywhere if only you look more carefully?

For years I struggled with a critical mind. Rather than seeing beauty everywhere, I judged all that I saw. All I could think about was how everything paled in comparison to my vision of how beautiful things could be. The effect of this perspective was disappointment and dismay. I wanted so badly to be able to see beauty everywhere and in everyone. But I didn’t know how.

yoga-teacher-training-yogacara-how-to-see-beautyKrishnamurti said: One may be surrounded by great beauty, by mountains and fields and rivers, but unless one is alive to it all one might just as well be dead.

I did indeed feel that I was in some way dead – or at least not fully alive – because I hadn’t the capacity to see this beauty. So I set out to discover the secret of how to see beauty everywhere.

The road has been long and bumpy but I have discovered that it really is possible to see beauty everywhere. Each person may find a different way to arrive at this perspective. Here are few practices that have helped me cultivate a way of looking that reveals beauty everywhere:

1. Slow down 
When we are constantly rushing, our field of vision is necessarily very narrow. We can’t afford to look carefully and closely at what is around us; we don’t have the time. If I’m not really looking at you, how can I see your beauty?

2. Breath Awareness
Beauty is as much felt as seen. Awareness of our breath brings our attention into our body where we can rediscover the richness of our inner landscape; the myriad sensations inside us. When we can begin to feel again, we become more aware of the beauty inside and outside of us, too.

3. Pay Attention 
Both of the former suggestions lead to an increased capacity to offer our undivided attention to what we are doing as we are doing it. Slowing down and breathing deeply helps us to see what we are looking at as we are looking at it.

Beauty is not always obvious. When I rediscover how to look at everything around me with curiosity and care, I begin to see that indeed, there is beauty everywhere.

How do you become aware of the beauty around you?

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