Meet Kate Blystone | Kindred Kula Ambassador

Meet Kate Blystone, Yogacara Kindred Kula Ambassador. She graduated from our Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training program in November.

We asked Kate why she wanted to be an ambassador for Yogacara.
Here’s what she said:

My time with Yogacara in Hawai’i was life changing. While there, I started to uncover my dharma and set a wholly new course for my life that was based on the wishes of my soul, not the thickness of my pocketbook. I want to use my skills and experience to give back to Yogacara, for all you’ve given to me.

Meet Kate Blystone | Kindred Kula AmbassadorBeing an ambassador is something I’m good at already. I’m a strong writer, with a background in environmental journalism. You can take a look at a recent opinion piece I wrote about a shooting at my alma mater in September. And, in my non-yoga job, I’m an outreach manager for a national non-profit. I know what attracts people to an organization and I want to use what I know to attract people to Yogacara.

I also think my perspective is needed. As an abundant yogi, I spent a bunch of time worrying about what I was going to be up against during YTT. I was looking for some reassurance that even though I was big, I could still make it through this program. I really didn’t find much that was useful for a yogi like me on the Yogacara site, but I did make it through the program and I want other abundant yogis to know that Yogacara’s YTT is inclusive. If they’ve committed themselves to the practice of yoga, nothing can stop them from committing themselves to YTT.

Also, I really believe in Yogacara’s approach to teacher training. The people I’ve met from this organization are amazing, helpful and truly loving. I would not have been able to do YTT with any of the other approaches out on the market. Life is complicated, and to be able to shut it all out and devote my all my energy to learning and practicing for 16 days was incredible and made all the difference.

Finally, I don’t want to brag, but I’m pretty funny. And, when I have time to think, I’m downright hilarious. Yoga can be serious, but I’ve found that a little silly can be a welcome change for a lot of people, especially off the mat. Let’s face it, we put ourselves into some pretty crazy positions and several of the poses we do are really great for pooping. Yoga is full of funny and I’m interested in writing about serious yoga topics with levity, ultimately bringing more people into the Yogacara family.

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Feature image by Lewis Hatchett
Image in article by Cameron Nagashima