How Yoga Can Dissolve What’s Holding You Back

As I transition into an abundant season of my life, which I have been preparing for, I need yoga more than ever because whenever I have the opportunity to grow, my old pesky problems – that have held me back in the past – rear their ugly heads.

I had no idea what sort of emotions would rise to the surface as I stepped into my full-time entrepreneur career while balancing motherhood. But, wow, it’s been a rollercoaster and I know many of you can relate. With growth and transformation come old problems that have held us back in the past. But with a solid yoga practice you can dissolve those problems that no longer serve you.

How Yoga Can Dissolve What's Holding You BackDuring this time in my life I have been thinking a lot about Gay Hendricks who wrote the book ‘The Big Leap’. It was Hendricks who coined the term “upper limit problem”. Basically this idea states that we all have an internal gauge regarding how much success, wealth, love, friendship, creativity we can own in our lives. It further suggests that when we have the opportunity to surpass our upper limit we are faced with old problems,  limitations and belief systems that hold us back and keep us stuck in our comfort zones, where we feel in control.

When you’re confronted with “upper limit” problems you have the opportunity to cultivate awareness regarding how you may be engaging in self-sabotage and avoiding taking that next step in life. When you revert back to your old ways, opportunity ceases to exist, leaving you in your comfort zone rather than running wild with growth.

Marie Forleo says that when she is faced with her “upper limit problems” she turns it all off and “emotionally and energetically celebrates giving permission to relish in a series of non-productive, silly and frivolous things.” When I am confronted with my “upper limit” problems, it is on my yoga mat where I find liberation, freedom, peace, and clarity. It’s in the moments where my mind, body and heart find union that I can let go of old, restrictive patterns and consciously open to transformation.

“Letting yourself savor natural good feelings is a direct way to transcend your Upper Limit Problem. By extending your ability to feel positive feelings, you expand your tolerance for things going well in your life.”
― Gay Hendricks

What is your top tip when struggling with “upper limit” problems?

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