Nancy Frohlick


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Nancy Frohlick

During the past 18+ years of being a Yoga Teacher, I have taught out of my home, owned my own studio, as well as managed and directed others. When I’m not traveling to teach with Yogacara, I maintain a private Yoga practice in Vancouver, Canada. I feel very blessed to work with Yogacara GLOBAL co-teaching Yoga Teacher Trainings all over the world, sharing my passion and my knowledge of Yoga with wonderful, passionate souls. Life as a Yoga Teacher doesn’t get much better than this!

Since working with Yogacara GLOBAL, I have continued my passion for learning. I’ve recently done trainings in Ayurvedic Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga as well studying anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. 

I am a mother of an adult son and a very happily married woman in my mid 50’s, trying to embrace my ageing self with grace and humour. My husband and I love spending time on the beach, going to the ballet and traveling as much as we can. I continue to practice Yoga every week with my Teacher, Swan, who has also been my mentor and friend for over 15 years.