Emily Kane


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Emily Kane

Yoga was a light for me throughout my post-secondary education.  As the years went on I found myself stressed with the pressure of life. I hit a breaking point and quickly realized I was sacrificing many of the things that I loved. I reflected on what was truly important and how my career could be integrated into that lifestyle. This led me to pursue Yoga Teacher Training and subsequently open a Yoga studio in Whistler, Canada. I get to enjoy a life that inspires me whether it’s on or off-the-mat.

When I was offered the opportunity to teach students to become teachers with Yogacara GLOBAL it seemed like a match made in heaven. I was so excited to share my perspectives and watch students make their own discoveries. I believe the programming we (and I) provide embraces the deeper practice of Yoga, one that goes beyond the physical practice. For me it’s important to be associated with a school that encourages students to live their yoga and embrace the values that are key to living consciously.

I am happily married to an amazing man and together we continue to build our life in the mountains. Witnessing the growth of our community-based yoga studio has been a blessing; we are so grateful to progress as conscious entrepreneurs