Confident Yoga Teacher, Confident Person

Confident People Aren’t Always Confident In Every Area

So I’m sure you’re thinking: “Yep – I know where this blog post is going; she’s going to say she’s more confident when speaking in public etc. etc.” You’re 100% right, it really has helped but funnily enough, this post is about something else ….

confidentWhen I look back at my school years, I was always confident. I was on all of the sports teams, part of the debate club, always going for the main part in the school play – not to mention, putting myself forward for a tonne of awards. My self-esteem was always way up there, except when it came to one thing….. dance.
It was the one after-school club I’d never taken part in. Sure, I did Ballet and Gymnastics growing up but they didn’t help make me more confident when I was 18, trying to dance all “sexy” with my friends in the nightclub….

For years, a big part of me was able to laugh at my bad dance moves. I would talk to myself and say: “So what, you can’t dance very well, love who you are and dance, Emma”. And I did. And I looked so stupid but I didn’t care because I was confident about other things and it felt good.

However, as I got older, I started to feel more and more awkward – until finally, I just stopped dancing. I turned into that person who would choose to sit and watch their colleagues dance the night away at the Office Christmas Party.

Well, guess what?! Since becoming a Yoga Teacher, everything’s changed. I’m so excited to say that, at 27 years old I’m learning to dance. I’ve been working my way through Latin, Reggae Booty Twerking (yep, I said it) – Hip Hop and Brazilian Dance Hall Routines! Now, when I dance, it feels great! I practice Yoga as I dance, through the breath, through letting go, accepting and exploring. It’s such an amazing experience.

My Yoga Teacher Training Programme taught me so much, especially about Philosophy and that you are a product of your own thoughts. If you think that you have the potential to be a good dancer, you can be. Just like Yoga, it’s a practice and you have to start somewhere.

Since completing your Yoga Teacher Training Programme, have you experienced anything similar?

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