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How I Began Craving Yoga Everyday

I remember the very first time I was asked if I wanted to try a yoga class. I was a teenager and I laughed at the thought. Who has time to stretch and sit in a slow, boring class for an hour? I was skeptical, but after some convincing I finally went and tried a class. […]

Tips for Overcoming Winter Inertia

in·er·tia iˈnərSHə/ noun 1. a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. I don’t know about you, but I get a serious case of the “blahs” this time of year and overcoming the inertia keeping me on my couch seems impossible. Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, we are in the heart of […]

How Can We Be Mindful On Our Mats?

Have you ever been to a yoga class and left feeling dissatisfied? The flow was amazing and the instruction was concise but you weren’t able to release and flow. We’ve all been there. Yoga is merely a set of stretches and strength-building postures, if your mind is elsewhere. I’m not knocking the stretches and strength-building, […]

Are You A Strong Person?

I never used to consider myself a “strong” person. Yes, I had physical strength but when it came to my thoughts and emotions I was a bit of a disaster. I used to have really bad anxiety and was depressed growing up and lacked any type of self confidence. As we grow up, things happen […]

7 Tips for Running a Successful Yoga Workshop

This past weekend I ran my very first yoga workshop. It was something that I always wanted to do, but wasn’t sure how it would work. I didn’t feel confident that people would sign-up and show-up and I was really anxious leading up to it. I thought that I would somehow mess it up or […]

A Stronger You with Online Yoga | Review

For most of us, the New Year is about setting resolutions and making lifestyle changes. If you’re like me, after a few months these changes and commitments become harder to maintain. With an eventful kick-off into 2018, I have already struggled to sustain a few set goals, however delving into the Your Yoga Flow online […]

Do You Just Do Yoga All Day, Everyday?

It was a cold day in mid-January; the festive Christmas glow was starting to wear off and, somedays, life was starting to feel tedious. I felt my yoga practice was getting stale, as were the yoga classes I was teaching. Then… I received an email from Yogacara. The email stated that I had been accepted […]

Meet Kate Blystone | Kindred Kula Ambassador

Meet Kate Blystone, Yogacara Kindred Kula Ambassador. She graduated from our Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training program in November. We asked Kate why she wanted to be an ambassador for Yogacara. Here’s what she said: My time with Yogacara in Hawai’i was life changing. While there, I started to uncover my dharma and set a wholly new […]

Gender Inclusivity for the Mat

Yoga translates to union in Sanskrit, we can further unite people by being gender inclusive in the language we use to share this practice. Yoga is for all people regardless of any other dualistic dividing factor. By opening up to non-conforming perspectives of gender we create more safe space in our practices for others. Yoga […]