Mackenzie Sweeney (Costa Rica 2016)

Treat your body well before, during, and after. Your mind and body are going at full speed for 16 days and it does get a little tiring. Coming in with a healthy body allows one the foundation to experience the program the best. Also, it isn’t what you expect in the most grand and wonderful way. It addresses aspects of yoga I hadn’t yet fathomed and it opened up my practice and shifted my perspective on life and myself as a whole coming out more whole and better because of it.

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Aurelija Perednis (Ireland 2016)

I was ready for the intensity of the program before I came to the venue. The information provided on the Yogacara website was very clear and I also read few of feedbacks from the students who took the same program before. The benefit of the intensity of the program, at least for me, was doing the program in less than 3 weeks! Pretty awesome. Let’s go!

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Megan Filer (Bali 2016)

Surrender to the unknown! Listen to that tiny voice inside you that is encouraging you to take the plunge – you won’t regret it! You may feel like you are crawling or too new or any other excuses your mind may offer you – ignore them! You will come back soaring, heart overflowing with gratitude for knowledge, community and yoga. Taking Yogacara’s 200 hour RYTT is hands down the best thing I have ever done for myself.


Rachel Hollewell (Costa Rica 2016)

Yogacara teacher training courses are truly an inspirational and life changing experience that you should not miss out on. The teachers are truly amazing, I couldn’t of asked for anything more and I cannot wait to take my next course with you. Everyone should experience Yogacara for themselves. Thank you so much for everything.


Alex Tomkins (New Zealand 2016)

Prepare for a tough journey of waking up early and sleeping late. But if you’re truly interested in pursuing this you will not be disappointed. Prepare to open your mind to meditation and self discovery and go beyond your limits!



Take some time to read through our Reviews. These graduates voluntarily provided feedback about their experience
and wanted to share it with others who are considering the program.

Please feel free to contact any students who have provided details. They would be happy to connect!

Video Reviews

Laura Di Cecco (Whistler 2017)

Yogacara is a great facilitator for yoga teacher training and their teachers are incredibly knowledgeable.

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Manuela Catillaz (Ireland 2017)

One of the best experiences I have made in my life. The teachers are just amazing, and create a very “safe” &
warm environment. Their knowledge is huge and the program was so enriching. Truly a life-changing experience.

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Richard Thomas (Portugal 2017)

I learned so much about the different asanas that I would never have gained knowledge of in hours of studio classes. The philosophy side of the course is interesting and should give every student an insight to the world of Yoga and how much there is still to learn and discover.

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Burk Smith (New Zealand 2017)

If you really wish to learn how teach yoga, Yogacara is the place to go!!!


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Kassi Kirk (New Zealand 2017)

This program was excellent at teaching the safety of postures!!!


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Lindsay Brown (Costa Rica 2016)

If you are considering the program with Yogacara, just DO IT! It was incredibly inspirational and educational…I have returned home to my family with a refreshed sense of well-being!!


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Elizabeth Nadja (Hawaii 2016)

Yogacara is a good program with great support for students, a beautiful location, and great teachers leading to a very personal journey.


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Montse Escobedo (Portugal 2016)

You should go for sure, it is an amazing experience and you will learn a lot and come back with a different view of your life and the way to teach.


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Julia Sher (Ireland 2017)

Don’t worry if you’re not super advanced. A basic understanding of yoga and a desire to learn are all you need to be successful.

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Peachie Roldan (Portugal 2017)

That it is definitely worth investing for yourself not only financially, also spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Rebecca Mills (New Zealand 2017)

Yes there are lots of companies out there but these guys have great reviews for a reason, because they do such a fantastic job of helping you learn while you have fun & you’ll make friends for life too.

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Lindsay Surerus (New Zealand 2017)

It is such a rewarding experience, and so amazing to say you have done. And all the info is really interesting that it doesn’t feel like school.

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Joanna Smolarczyk (Scotland 2016)

Even if you’re not planning on becoming a yoga teacher, but simply want to know the foundations to deepen your personal yoga practice, Yogacara YTT is the place to go. I have never felt so different and yet so myself as I did at the end of this incredible journey with nine amazing humans that I now proudly call my family.

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Kristin Ollinger (Costa Rica 2015)

What attracted me to Yogacara was the small class size and the duration of the program. The small class size allowed for the teachers to get to know each student and it allowed the students to bond with one another and create a very comfortable setting in which to learn and share.

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Sierra Koethe (Whistler 2015)

I am ever thankful that I stumbled upon the Yogacara website, which changed my life and allowed me to meet wonderful yogis and life long friends.

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Jen Hamming (Portugal 2016)

It is a super program! I am so happy that I decided to do my training with Yogacara. It was a life changing experience. It is also so nice to know that Yogacara offers continued support! That is truly above and beyond!


Julia Baranowsky (Bali 2015)

Just Do It!


Kristen Wilson (France 2015)

Jumping in and taking the plunge is totally worth it. Whether you’re goals are to become a teacher, or simply to learn more about the practice, you will get more than you bargained for. Not only will you become better acquainted with yoga practice and philosophy, but you’ll gain an extended family and a new perspective on living in the moment.


Morgan Dice (Hawaii 2015)

The first few days are long, and it’s a lot of information to absorb in a short period of time, but the second week of the program flies by, and it’s so much fun to see everyone create and teach they’re classes – everybody has their own individual personality that shines through their practice!


Brittany Zart (Ireland 2015)

The program was so much more than just learning how to teach yoga, although it certainly taught me that too, and well. It was also such a powerful exploration of yoga philosophy and a great opportunity to study yoga passionately with like-minded people from around the world. I learned such invaluable lessons and made life-long friends.

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Courtney Snider (Costa Rica 2014)

Be prepared for the emotional side! It was exactly what I needed and would NEVER give back this experience!

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Anna Bohn (Scotland 2015)

It was intense but everyone who has a passion for yoga can do and enjoy it. I wish I would have done it earlier – my time was now and I am blissful.

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Sharon Neish (New Zealand 2016)

If you’re ready to delve deeper into your true self, then you are ready to embark on a teacher training experience. Now that I’m a yoga teacher, I can offer support and guidance to those caught up in the illusion of what is – and what is not important.

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Kaylin Leier (Bali 2016)

This program was intense, challenging, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

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Mel Craven (Thailand 2016)

Do it! Your life and yoga practice will be richer for it.

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