Take some time to read through our Reviews. These graduates voluntarily provided feedback about their experience and wanted to share it with others who are considering the program.

Please feel free to contact any students who have provided reviews & emails. They would be happy to connect & answer any questions you may have!


200 Hour Program Reviews

Mel Craven, 2016

Mel Shares:  Do it! Your life and yoga practice will be richer for it.

Mel Comes From:  UAE

Training Location:  The Spa Koh Chang, Thailand




Sharon Neish, 2016

Sharon Shares: If you’re ready to delve deeper into your true self, then you are ready to embark on a teacher training experience. I once spent many years stuck in the logistics of the business world creating unhealthy money and pressures around me that were detrimental to my physical, mental and spiritual health. Practicing yoga has contributed to healing along with a good dose of self awareness. Now that I’m a yoga teacher, I can offer support and guidance to those caught up in the illusion of what is – and what is not important.

Sharon Comes From: Australia

Training Location:  Te Moata, New Zealand




Alex Tomkins, 2016

Alex Shares: Prepare for a tough journey of waking up early and sleeping late. But if you’re truly interested in pursuing this you will not be disappointed. Prepare to open your mind to meditation and self discovery and go beyond your limits!

Alex Comes From:  United Kingdom

Training Location:  Te Moata, New Zealand




Brenda Tittlemier, 2016

Brenda Shares:  I have taken a number of post graduate courses since completing my physiotherapy degree 10 years ago, and this is my second favourite course out of at least a dozen. It’s obvious a lot of thought and hard work went into the development of the program. It was very well run and very organized. It was taught in a manner conducive to all learning types. The teaching of different topics such as philosophy, anatomy or teaching asana, was spread out so not too much time was spent on one topic at a time. I did not feel I was bombarded with too much information on one topic all at once. Time was given to think about what we were learning. The progression to teaching the 60 minute class was phenomenal. Teaching small segments of breathing techniques, meditation and asana began immediately. There was plenty of time over the two weeks to build confidence and fine tune a teaching style. Lots of class time was given to practice teaching, studying and putting together our own yoga class. The teachers were so supportive and encouraging. They wanted the students to do well and their behaviour and attitudes showed that. They made themselves available to chat outside class and mealtimes. They provided encouraging and kind words to all students. They made sure we laughed, had fun and did not take the training and learning too seriously all the time! The morning yoga was phenomenal and I was always so amazed how the teachers seemed to know what we needed each morning to start our day…whether it was a chill class or more upbeat, they were all awesome.

Brenda Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  The Spa Koh Chang, Thailand



Edona Shamolli, 2016

Edona Shares: This program gave me the opportunity to share my love for yoga with others. The program had a completeness from the beginning to the end. It was intense, but in a good way, it didn’t feel like we were rushing threw it. Because of the program and the teachers, my heart for yoga has become bigger.

Edona Comes From:  Norway

Training Location:  Bali



Stephanie Cheung, 2016

Stephanie Shares: My yoga teacher training experience with Yogacara has been perfect from the minute I stepped onto the venue for our training, the remote and beautiful Te Moata Retreat Centre, to meeting my two warm-hearted and down to earth teacher trainers, Juan and Emily. Loved the small intimate class size, the balance of curriculum between philosophy/meditation and asanas/anatomy, the balance between individual, partner and group work time, the ongoing feedback from our teachers, the daily yoga classes taught by our teachers AND the opportunity to teach a one hour yoga class for our practicum towards the end of our training!! I honestly thought it was impossible to learn so much in two weeks and to become a yoga teacher when I first arrived. However, after experiencing Yogacara’s intensive teacher training program, I can now confidently say I AM A YOGA TEACHER. I leave this yoga training with a very strong foundation, thanks to the teachings of my amazing teachers and the collaboration and discovery with my wonderful yogi classmates during training, and I’m very excited to begin my yoga teaching journey!!!!.

Stephanie Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Te Moata, New Zealand

CONTACT Stephanie


Kaylin Leier, 2016

Kaylin Shares: This program was
intense, challenging at times, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat! The teachers were amazing and very knowledgeable.. I can’t wait to take another training program with Yogacara!

Kaylin Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Bali



Christin Brauner, 2016

Christin Shares: You just need to experience it, otherwise you will miss out on an unique experience of overwhelming wisdom and love. I especially appreciated the discussions, sharing and feedbacks of the Yoga-philosophy teachings and think this makes the difference. It is worth each minute taking part of Yogacara programmings.

Christin Comes From:  Germany

Training Location:  Bali

CONTACT Christin


Sierra Koethe, 2015

Sierra Shares: When I had committed to coming to Yogacara, I perused the comments on the website from past YTT students. I read things like “this experience changes your life” and “you will meet lifelong friends” and I thought, that isn’t true for me. I travelled across one country into the other, trying to keep my mind blank to any expectations I might have. I read through the assigned books found that those alone were already changing the way I think about my life and my interactions. Once I look back on my experience in Whistler, I find these things true for me. My roommate, Lexi, is someone whom I want in my life forever. The roommate and 11 serendipitously placed women got along so well, all to my surprise! I am ever thankful that I stumbled upon the Yogacara website, which changed my life and allowed me to meet wonderful yogis and life long friends.

Sierra Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler



Madeline White, 2015

Madeline Shares: Be prepared for long days. Don’t stress out about the tests or practicum. Take it day by day. Your teachers will be more than happy to help you with anything.

Madeline Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Hawaii

CONTACT Madeline


Julia Baranowsky, 2015

Julia Shares:  Do It!

Julia Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Bali



Michele DiPetrillo, 2015

Michele Shares: For any perspective yoga teachers considering this program, I would highly recommend it. You will be in a gorgeous location to learn with amazing teachers that truly care about your success. The program is only 2 weeks to complete 200 hours, so just understand that all waking hours will be spent learning in some form, either through asana practice, classroom lecture, or even meditation practice during mealtimes. There is not much extra time to explore the location, so I would recommend staying an extra day or more beyond the training if that is one of your goals. Since I wasn’t sure how much asana practice would be required every day, I will say that at our 200 hour YTT training in Whistler with Juan and Camellia, we practiced for 90 minutes before breakfast every day. Occasionally we had either a restorative or yin practice in the afternoon, and each student is required to teach an hour long class toward the end of the training that everyone will participate in… Listening to your body is much more of a priority than trying to push yourself too hard physically in this program. The teachers are available to you as much as you need throughout the training, and even after you leave via e mail or social media, etc. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering it. Namaste.

Michele Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler



Morgan Dice, 2015

Morgan Shares: The first few days are long, and it’s a lot of information to absorb in a short period of time, but the second week of the program flies by, and it’s so much fun to see everyone create and teach they’re classes – everybody has their own individual personality that shines through their practice!

Morgan Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Hawaii



Irina Trutiu, 2015

Irina Shares: It is definitely worth it,no fear just dare to be vulnerable.They are there to support you and I mean it,you will have so much support. Great teachers,great experience.I have learned so much about yoga but most important I have learned so much about myself. Thank you Yogacara!

Irina Comes From:  United Kingdom

Training Location:  Lendrick Lodge, Scotland



Dalia Atef Rehal, 2015

Dalia Shares: This program encourages, challenges and supports you on your own unique yoga path. It helps you learn more about yourself and connects you with others who share a similar passion for yoga. The teaching philosophy is very supportive!

Dalia Comes From:  Qatar

Training Location:  Mill Retreat Centre, France


Sharon Stock, 2015

Sharon Shares: This will be the most amazing experience of your life. I went on an unbelievable journey through my training and lots of emotions!! But I wouldn’t change a thing. A brilliant course with the most amazing teachers.

Sharon Comes From:  United Kingdom

Training Location:  Lendrick Lodge, Scotland



Anna Bohn, 2015

Anna Shares: It was intense but everyone who has a passion for yoga can do and enjoy it. I wish I would have done it earlier – my time was now and I am blissful.

Anna Comes From:  Germany

Training Location:  Lendrick Lodge, Scotland



Denise Smith, 2015

Denise Shares: It is so very worthwhile even if you do not want to teach. There is so much more to learn than you think there is. You really should not attempt to teach without this background knowledge.

Denise Comes From:  United Kingdom

Training Location:  Mill Retreat Centre, France


Sarah Woodhouse, 2015

Sarah Shares: This is an amazing experience! I was very unsure if I should have done it or not and then within days I knew I had made the right decision. The people you meet are incredible, and the teachers are very knowledgable and supportive of your learning. I found it was a great experience for myself as a person, regardless of whether I teach yoga or not. I will never forget this experience and will forever have a special connection with all the students and teachers that I shared it with.

Sarah Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler



Laura Mangan, 2015

Laura Shares: It will be hard in ways you can’t imagine, and you will grow in ways you had no idea you needed to grow. Remember that you are embarking on a crazy ride with a group of other spiritual beings who have beautiful hearts and goals. The ride won’t be easy, nor will the course be able to cater to only your specific needs, but take a deep breath, calm the ego, and embrace and allow the group to be what it is.

Laura Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler



Brittany Zart, 2015

Brittany Shares: The program was so much more than just learning how to teach yoga, although it certainly taught me that too, and well. It was also such a powerful exploration of yoga philosophy and a great opportunity to study yoga passionately with like-minded people from around the world. I learned such invaluable lessons and made life-long friends.

Brittany Comes From:  Korea via USA

Training Location:  Cliffs of Moher Retreat Centre, Ireland

CONTACT Brittany

Alana Mackle, 2015

Alana Shares: Go for it! This program is well worth the risk and commitment. I wish everyone were able to take part in this experience. I am so grateful for the beautiful people that I met on this journey. We quickly connected and became a family of sorts. It was an extremely unique and special experience and I am so glad I chose this particular YTT. Our teachers were amazing and the location of the retreat was perfect. It will be unlike any experience you have had and will change your life for the better, I promise! Thank you Yogacara!.

Alana Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler


Alexis DeNoble, 2015

Alexis Shares: Choosing a 16 day intensive training was the best choice I’ve ever made! I never thought I would connect with so many wonderful women from all over North America, and they will all be friends for life! The vigorous schedule helped me bond with the students and instructors even more, and they were there to support me during my struggles. I know I have so many people supporting me as I become a yoga teacher. This was the hardest, but happiest time of my life.

Alexis Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler



Julie Bergeron, 2015

Julie Shares: This training, it’s something that you need to go through at least once in your life. I learned about my yoga practice but so much about myself!! Doing this training was the best decision I had made!!!

Julie Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat Centre, Whistler

Kristen Wilson, 2015

Kristen Shares: Jumping in and taking the plunge is totally worth it. Whether you’re goals are to become a teacher, or simply to learn more about the practice, you will get more than you bargained for. Not only will you become better acquainted with yoga practice and philosophy, but you’ll gain an extended family and a new perspective on living in the moment.

Kristen Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Mill Retreat Centre, France



Siobhan O'Leary, 2015

Siobhan Shares: I would really recommend this course to anyone. It was an amazing experience and I really feel that I am qualified and we covered so much. It was really well organized and flowed very well from one class to the next.

Siobhan Comes From:  Ireland

Training Location:  Cliffs of Moher Retreat Centre, Ireland



Mary Hamel, 2015

Mary Shares: The 200hour training course is a life changing journey. I came back happier, more confident, and extremely excited to start teaching yoga. It reaffirmed my passion for yoga and gave me so many things to think about as I move forward. The days are long but the time we have to relax is nice. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to become a yoga teacher, you’ll get so much out of it.

Mary Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Pura Vida Spa & Retreat Centre, Costa Rica

Melody Boza, 2015

Melody Shares: The most unique thing about Yogacara’s program is that they schedule 200hrs in just 16 days. If you’re prepared to totally immerse yourself and are limited in the time you can be away from home- then this the perfect program for you. It was for me.

Melody Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Pura Vida Spa & Retreat Centre, Costa Rica


Kristen Ollinger, 2015

Kristen Shares: I spent hours trying to find the right program for me to do my 200-hour yoga teacher training. What attracted me to Yogacara was the small class size and the duration of the program. The small class size allowed for the teachers to get to know each student and it allowed the students to bond with one another and create a very comfortable setting in which to learn and share. The duration of the program allowed me to fit it into my work/holiday schedule much easier than some of the other programs out there that are 1-month or longer. This program was also great because Yogacara arranges everything for the tuition (accommodations, food, manuals, shuttle from the airport) and they are fast at replying to e-mails, questions and concerns. Finally, I feel like this program adequately prepared me for ‘real life’ by conducting quizzes and a final practicum. This was awesome preparation! Thanks for everything Yogacara!

Kristen Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Pura Vida Spa & Retreat Centre, Costa Rica



Rachel Forseth, 2015

Rachel Shares: Aside from being able to teach yoga, Yogacara Teacher Training was absolutely life-changing. The sense of community you feel with so many like-minded people is wonderful… my yoga family. The bond is there forever! The intensive program is indeed intense but if you love and are passionate about yoga, it feels less like work which is what I think everyone who completes the training is hoping for by being able to teach.

Rachel Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Hawaii USA

Erin Murray, 2015

Erin Shares: It was life-changing. I was mostly in it for the asana but being exposed to the meditation and other aspects of yoga was more than I could have imagined. I think I’ve learned life lessons about living in the moment and meditation that will make me be a happier person. I think everyone should go through this training!

Erin Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Hawaii USA



Sheena Parda, 2015

Sheena Shares: So much fun. Very intensive. Make sure that you know that you are going there to learn and not just for a vacation. There is some free time but its more about becoming a yoga teacher.

Sheena Comes From:  USA

Training Location:  Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Hawaii USA



Anna Johnston, 2015

Anna Shares: It’s scary at first, lots of information is shared and emotions come up to the surface. I learned a lot about myself. It was life changing. Be brave and kind and open. There is an amazing process that happens on this journey. Embrace every moment.

Anna Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada



Joanna Griffin, 2015

Joanna Shares: If you have a growing interest in yoga in any of its many forms then I would highly recommend taking this course! Even if you do not want to be a teacher. The knowledge base that you come away with is just amazing and will set you up as you move forward as a practitioner in this growing and varied industry. There is no judgement or pressure. You are encouraged to be you! It was the most organic and wonderful experience and I would recommend it to everyone! Thank you Yogacara!

Joanna Comes From:  United Kingdom

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada



Kelly Krawchuk, 2015

Kelly Shares: The program covers so much information, and you really have to completely devote yourself to learning all that is required. I believe that being so immersed in the program really places a standard on the instructor that you strive to be. The journey was life changing and I am so happy that I trusted my instincts and applied. I will always have a very special place in my heart for both the students that attended with me as well as the teachers. It was an unforgettable experience and I am honoured to have been apart of it.

Kelly Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada



Samantha Moore, 2015

Samantha Shares: I would let them know to be prepared to get very close with your classmates and teachers, and to be prepared to leave them all at the end! It’s sad but is also a very amazing experience and the bonds you create with the other students there are unbreakable. It’s an amazing time.

Samantha Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

CONTACT Samantha


Michelle LeHegarate, 2015

Michelle Shares: This program is far beyond asana. The knowledge you will gain from this program will stay with you for life. After looking at many different options in BC this is by far the best choice I could have made.

Michelle Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

Tracilyn Jones, 2015

Tracilyn Shares: I had a wonderful experience. The program is very compacted and intense therefore I really takes a while to “soak in” after I got home. I didn’t realize all I was learning at the time. Even if you never intend on teaching yoga it’s one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I have had a major sleep disorder for many years and the skills I learned there about mediation, silence, being kind to yourself, and so much more has helped me over come it. I know I am only a few weeks out of the program but my sleep and my over all health is much better. Regardless if I ever teach yoga or not it was worth going for that reason alone. Also in my life moving forward I feel very grounded, as if I have a firm brick of knowledge to stand on.

Tracilyn Comes From:  USA

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

CONTACT Tracilyn


Andrea Eilers, 2015

Andrea Shares: Yogacara will provide an professional teaching program where an emerging teacher could build community, spirituality, resources, precise, safe cuing and general readiness to feel equips to graduate and teach upon completion.

Andrea Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver, Canada



Annette McQueen, 2015

Annette Shares: This a great program to start a yoga practice, to deepen your knowledge and to learn to safely guide students in their practice. Well rounded and highly recommended.

Annette Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada



Robert MacKenzie, 2014

Robert Shares: Dedicate the time of the program to you, your rest and recovery and as much as possible. Do not plan to do other activities during the program (e.g. games, too many calls home, extra sports, work and emails). I followed my own advice during the program and feel rewarded for doing so. I stayed healthy, energetic and balanced, which (I believe) helped me extract a maximum from the program.

Robert Comes From:  Switzerland

Training Location:  Ibiza, Spain



Sarah Blenkhorn, 2014

Sarah Shares: My Yogacara experience has been life-changing! Among other things, I attribute this to having amazing teachers… and a smaller group of students which for me is always conducive for learning, and which also made it feel more intimate and personal and afforded a lot of conversation and exploration. The 16 day program may seem intimidating, and there IS work involved and there are days that you feel tired but the program also allows some downtime and is paced very well.

Sarah Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Ibiza, Spain



Courtney Snider, 2014

Courtney Shares: Be prepared for the emotional side of things!! I did not expect it, but it was exactly what I needed and would NEVER give back this experience for anything in the world!

Courtney Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Costa Rica

CONTACT Courtney


Francine Larocque, 2014

Francine Shares: This is an INTENSIVE program… be prepared to live and breathe yoga – all day, everyday! This is not a vacation, this is work! However, it’s the best kind of work I could ever dream of! With an open mind and heart you will have the opportunity to transform your life with daily meditation, and gain a deeper understanding of yoga, holistically. You will learn how to effectively cue and teach asana poses and really bring your personal practice to the next level.

Francine Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

CONTACT Francine


Tobi Phillips, 2014

Tobi Shares: This is an intense program, but such an amazing experience, if you really love Yoga and want to learn more about it and yourself this is the program for you, I would highly recommend it, this program has taught me so much and has made me want to learn more.

Tobi Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Costa Rica



Veerle Dandoy, 2014

Veerle Shares: Quality of the program, quality of the teachers, teachers were highly motivated and professional, serious program with exam, location, small group (11 people), healthy food,  zen environment with friendly people.

Veerle Comes From:  Netherlands

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada


Scott Fitzgerald, 2014

Scott Shares: The program really prepares you to teach. I left the program feeling confident to go right out and teach a class. Another program we initially signed up for had 30+ students and 2 teachers. Yogacara is unbeatable in this respect.

Scott Comes From:  Netherlands

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada



Tanya Solvsten, 2014

Tanya Shares: It’s intense, they are not joking, but every second of the roller coaster is worth it, the end of the program is only the beginning, both teachers are so different yet patient and welcoming, the whole experience is life changing.

Tanya Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Costa Rica



Kaleigh Mancha, 2014

Kaleigh Shares: A 200 hour training condensed into less than 3 weeks is work. If you are looking for downtime or vacation time, do that before or after the training. Additionally understand that this is not just a certification program, its a comprehensive program that allows for and promotes emotional and cognitive developments and insights.

Kaleigh Comes From:  USA

Training Location:  Costa Rica



Gwendolyn Penner, 2014

Gwendolyn Shares: Passionate teachers. Great information. Well organized. Lovely setting.

Gwendolyn Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

CONTACT Gwendolyn


Stephanie Billard, 2014

Stephanie Comes From:  France

Training Location:  Ibiza, Spain

CONTACT Stephanie


Sarah Tambosso-McMillan, 2014

Sarah Shares: It is a great opportunity to connect with like minded people. Fun, exciting and educational.

Sarah Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada



Annika Clark, 2014

Annika Shares: The program goes by really fast. Be open. Be ready to learn. Remember the yoga teachings and where it can from.

Annika Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Costa Rica



Catherine Pitura, 2014

Catherine Shares: Great for those who wish to teach Yoga, deepen their Yoga practice, or just to learn more about themselves as a person.

Catherine Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

CONTACT Catherine


Jessica Hider, 2013

Jessica Shares: You experience a major shift while you are there and it’s important to be ready for it. It’s a wonderful learning experience not just for yoga but about yourself.

Jessica Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

Katie Tribe, 2013

Katie Shares: I am grateful for the Teacher’s ability to guide and teach us while encouraging us to find our own voices, answers, and opinions – this creates a very open and inquisitive environment, which is so helpful as we try to find and take steps on our own path. We are learning, but are also encouraged to work on ourselves, as opposed to just emulating someone else. It is truly a gift to be able to teach others while allowing them to grow in their own unique way.

Katie Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada


Amy Ku, 2013

Amy Shares: This program is definitely worthwhile. I’ve learned so much over and I certainly feel well equipped to teach public classes. This speaks to the quality of the teachers here. The small size of this class is a huge advantage as we have much more individual attention & practice. I also love the atmosphere. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a wonderful, serene studio, which makes for a great learning environment.

Amy Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada


Kerri Considine, 2013

Kerri Shares: When I finished the program I felt that I was totally prepared to teach yoga. I am a certified school teacher and never felt the security as I do from the teachings I received from Yogacara.

Kerri Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Hawaii USA

Blythe Kunderman, 2013

Blythe Shares: I would strongly encourage you to attend this training. The small class size, intimate space and integrity in which Yogacara operates really left a fantastic impression on me and I would recommend the program with confidence that others would also have a great experience.

Blythe Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada



Nicole Hermanson, 2013

Nicole Shares: If you’re thinking about it, sign up! This was a great life experience. I learned so much more than just the asanas. Learning about the 8 limbs and the yogic philosophy changed my life and I highly recommend taking the 200-hour program… but not just anywhere, you get such a unique experience at Yogacara and Thomas is such a knowledgeable and fantastic teacher!

Nicole Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Kaylee Boyer, 2013

Kaylee Shares: Come as yourself, open minded, flexible, well rested. Understand you are going to change, the experience itself is extremely healing, and opens up a lot of your past for healing. Be prepared to cry, forgive and listen very closely to your teachers. You will become family. I’m so grateful and thankful I took this journey and I would highly recommend going through this experience.

Kaylee Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Hawaii USA

Kimberley Turner, 2013

Kimberley Shares:This program is geared for lots of hands on work. You will not graduate from a class of 30 people where maybe you taught for 10mins. You will graduate from a small class with tons of practical and theoretical knowledge and will have taught many times over, in turn feeling incredibly prepared to share your teachings to your own students.

Kimberley Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Emily Long, 2013

Emily Shares: I would definitely suggest this program to others because it is thorough and intimate. The progression was great and the information was balanced. I liked having philosophy, anatomy and other topics in the training. It was really well rounded and informative.

Emily Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Gina Marquez, 2012

Gina Shares: …thank you for all the care and hard work and for making your YTT and your studio an honest, nourishing place for all.

Gina Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Chaya Go, 2012

Chaya Shares: It has been a wonderful journey for me, continues to be, and I’m sincerely glad that I am with Yogacara in this journey! The sincerity and honesty that we are taught to bring into our teaching is wonderful… I am glad we are being taught to speak with our own voices, from a true place. I am very grateful!

Chaya Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Nicole Stratton, 2012

Nicole Shares: From the bottom of my heart I thank you. You have put together a beautiful program and provided a sacred space. Tomas is an outstanding teacher, and the material was truly life changing. All the work you have done for the sake of sharing the eye/heart/life opening knowledge of yoga is beyond appreciated.

Nicole Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Dan Yu, 2012

Dan Shares: The program has opened my eyes to so much more than just physical postures. It helped me so much with adjustments & alignments, and strengthening body and mind. I’ve also learned to teach with an open heart.

Dan Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Angelika Sellick, 2012

Angelika Shares: As a recent graduate of Yogacara’s part-time Teacher Training program, I appreciate having had ample time to reflect on and integrate the material that was discussed and practiced. My understanding of yoga postures (asanas), anatomy, breathing techniques (pranayama), meditation, and key yogic philosophies was deepened, and my personal practice was beautifully cultivated and enriched.

Angelika Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Khatun Dhamji, 2012

Khatun Shares: The retreat experience was just wonderful. The location was perfect, and goes with out saying that food was superb – nourishing, simple, and yet, most enjoyable, prepared with love and dedication. The accommodation was very comfortable and the environment was so calming; I was struck by the serenity and calmness of the place which reflected so well in the two dogs.

Khatun Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Sea to Sky Retreat, Whistler Canada

Kimberly Charbonneau, 2010

Kimberly Shares: I would be happy to connect with anyone considering this program to share more about my training.

Kimberly Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

CONTACT Kimberly

Ellie McMillan, 2010

Ellie Shares: Taking your teacher training at Yogacara will forever change your life, your practice and your outlook on the world.

Ellie Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Vancouver, Canada

Yin Yoga Program Reviews

Leslie Nakajima, 2016

Leslie Shares: It’s great. I only wanted more! Reading anything by Paul Grilley ahead of time helps and his anatomy videos.

Leslie Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Hawaii




Tara Jimenez, 2016

Tara Shares: One of the most overall amazing experiences of my life. The combination of the learning and the beautiful peaceful positive location created a blissful and transformational experience.

Tara Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Hawaii




Lisa McGalliard, 2016

Lisa Shares: >Come fully open ready and willing to share themselves wholeheartedly. I think this was what really made the course special and added so much value to the education we received.

Lisa Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Hawaii




Frankie Grausam, 2015


Frankie Shares: Come with an open mind and an open heart and you will have a great experience.

Frankie Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Costa Rica



Josee Theberge, 2015


Josee Shares: Nice place to relax, blend and profit from all the Learning possibilities.

Josee Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Costa Rica



Emma Brocklesby, 2015


Emma Shares: This Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course is truly life changing. As you learn more about the Yin Practice, you learn more about yourself. Slowly, all the pieces start to fit together; who you are as a teacher & where your interests lie. You may think you already know this …. prepare to be amazed!.

Emma Comes From:  United Kingdom

Training Location:  Costa Rica




Nikki Kim, 2015


Nikki Shares: Andrea welcomed everyone with a big smile and her kindness, and the fist night, she gave us such a wonderful class with calm but strong voice, and that helped me so much to relax and feel like I was home. To me, I felt like she was always caring and making sure everyone is doing well including during meal time. I just can’t say enough about Andrea being so kind to everyone. She also answered all the questions and tried to explain things well during classes and she made great connection with every student. I’m just 100% satisfied with this training course and I feel very lucky meeting such a great instructor like Andrea.

Nikki Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Costa Rica




Nate Bobeck, 2015


Nate Shares: The program is designed to prepare people to actually teach what they learn and that is probably the biggest value of it.

Nate Comes From:  United States

Training Location:  Costa Rica




Ally Potrebka, 2015



Ally Shares: This is a great course for teachers to expand their knowledge of yoga and the body. Even if they don’t plan on teaching yin there’s so many ideas that can be brought into any style of class.

Ally Comes From:  Canada

Training Location:  Costa Rica




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