by Janet Ward, E-RYT, Co-Lead Teacher

yoga social media

Yoga Social Media, staying connected…

At its heart, Facebook is a most beautiful and touching phenomenon. Yoga Social Media bears witness to our longing for family and community  and sharing and liking. Share. Like. Share. Like. What lovely mantras Рand everybody practicing together.

The ancient yoga scriptures describe the soul as having two faces- one always gazing at the Divine and one looking out into the world. The work of the soul is to soak up every drop of spiritual experience shining through mundane existence.  And when the last molecule has been absorbed by the soul it returns to Source and merges with the infinite.

The internet is Indra’s Net – a web of multifaceted jewels that is rapidly, now, reflecting all our innermost worlds into the cyberverse. We’re coming to know ourselves deeply and the experiences that unite us are spiritual on every level.

It is the spiritual dimension that has been missing from the equation and its presence or absence defines the importance of every situation we see. Spirituality is the blackboard on which all of the equations have always been written. We just couldn’t see it. Now, we can.

Thank you, yoga social media. Thank you Facebook. Thank you, Internet. Share. Like. Share. Like.;)

How has social media influenced your yoga, your practice and your life? Have you found that staying connected has changed the way you are in your practice, is it beneficial or detrimental? Yoga Social Media can be inspiring and way to stay completely connected to a community that is large and vast, an opportunity to learn from teachers worldwide and to stay connected to those who inspire you the most. Have you found a way to influence others with your Yoga practice and your Yoga Social Media profiles?

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