Proper Fashion – What You Need to Wear or Have

* comfortable, loose clothing for teacher training sessions (nothing fancy required, you might want to check some organic fashion though). We understand that fashion is not important at all. But why should we not enjoy some nice clothing when we feel like it? Or – why should we practice in ugly attire? It is not an ego thing, it is just about feeling well and enjoying the nicer things in life. And if you really like your yoga t-shirt or yoga pants, why not enjoy them? Totally nothing wrong with being well dressed. And if you want some additional reading on the subject of what to wear to your yoga class, you can do so here.

* yoga matayur-yoga

* your textbooks & neti-pot

* small, thin blanket for meditation

* water bottle (NO GLASS BOTTLES ~ BPA Free Bottles or Stainless Steel Only)

* course materials you have ordered

* energy or protein bars (optional, but suggested)

* hand towel for your yoga mat (optional, but suggested, especially in warmer climates). You might consider getting an eco-friendly yoga mat, for example here.

* Vitamin C, Zinc & Electrolytes (optional)


And What Should You Expect of Yin Yoga Teacher Training?

The 45 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is for anyone & everyone regardless if the intention is to teach, refine teaching skills, or deepen their practice.

We will learn how Yin Yoga developed through Indian Tantric Yoga philosophy & ancient Taoism. We will discuss the differences & similarities between Yin Yoga & other types of Yang Yoga.

Our Asana practice will focus on anatomical variation learning how we support all people in this practice. We will dissect 24 Yin postures studying how to modify each posture to fit the individual’s needs.

We will explore how Yin Yoga affects the systems of the human body supporting healthy function. Pranayama and Meditation are an integral part of Yin Yoga, as our main objective is to find balance between mind, body and spirit creating a deep sense of peace and allowing us to sit longer in meditation as the “observer” without being affected by “the illusions”. We will practice and be playful as we navigate class sequencing.

It is my greatest hope that whatever Students come to Yin Yoga Teacher Training to find, they will find it or be pointed in the right direction.

yin yoga teacher training

Your Yin Yoga Teacher Training is more than simply “learning to teach Yin Yoga.” The program is designed to show our commitment to you as you entrust us with your journey.

Some of the notable benefits we provide that set us apart are:  small class sizes, support of your Lead Teacher during and after, official evaluation,  nurturing environments in which to learn, Yoga Alliance-Certified programming (recognized globally), post program support from our Team.

Meet Your Teacher ~ Andrea

Join Andrea for your Yin Yoga Teacher Training.  Yin Yoga is her PASSION.  Learn to live what you love!

yin yoga teacher trainingSome students have nicknamed me 150% Andrea. I encourage students to leave their hustling bustling lives at the door as they enter the sweet, sacred space that Yoga provides.

You will always feel safe, and supported in classes.  Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, gender or limitations. You will learn about yourself on your mats, and recognize how powerful Yoga is as preventative medicine. We will create strong intentions together on our mats, propel forward and transform. Yoga is all about being present, doing one thing at a time, and being inspired,

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.   Henry Miler