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Nancy Frohlick Shares

Nancy Frohlick Shares ~ Yoga found me way back in the 1980’s when I was an anxious, rebellious student working on my Masters Degree in Art. I instantly fell head over heels in love with yoga and I can see now, that those early days of practice planted the seed of awakening to my true self. My first teachers inspired me to explore my passion for yoga and so I completed my 200HR YTT in 2000.

nancy frohlickAs a voracious learner and dedicated student, I delved deep into study and took every workshop and training related to yoga that I could afford. I acquired certificates in pre-natal yoga, kids yoga and Yin Yoga. I completed Donna Farhi’s 100HR YTT, 10HRS with Erich Shiffmann, 200HRS Yoga Therapy and Anatomy with Leila Stuart, 10HR Anatomy Trains with Thomas Myers, and the initial 3 levels of Crania-Sacral training.

During the past 15 years of being a yoga teacher, I have taught out of my home, owned my own yoga studio, as well as managed and directed another studio. When I’m not traveling to teach with Yogacara, I maintain a private yoga practice in Vancouver, BC. I feel very blessed to work with Yogacara Global co-teaching YTT trainings all over the world, sharing my passion and my knowledge of yoga with wonderful, passionate souls. Life as a yoga teacher doesn’t get much better than this! Since working with Yogacara, I have continued my passion for learning. I’ve recently done trainings in Ayurvedic Yoga and Trauma Sensitive Yoga as well studying anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff on line. I also co-lead Yogacara’s 300HR YTT.

I am a mother of an adult son and a very happily married woman in my mid 50’s, trying to embrace my ageing self with grace and humour. My husband and I love spending time on the beach, going to the ballet, and traveling as much as we can. I continue to practice yoga every week with my teacher, Swan, who has been my teacher, mentor and friend for the over 14 years.

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Nancy is very passionate about yoga and it showed through her teaching.  

Melody Boza, Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Nancy was incredible because of her calm and nurturing way. 

Mary Hamel, Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

Her love for yoga and the history of yoga was always apparent, which was really nice to see. 

Kristen Ollinger, Costa Rica Yoga Teacher Training

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