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Emily Kane Shares

Emily Kane Shares ~ When I started practicing yoga I was in high school and transitioning out of dance so I thought it’d be a good way to keep my flexibility. I was also really into sports like basketball and volleyball so I figured it could be a good way to cross-train. The whole “type A” athlete mentality made yoga tough for me at first. I remember one of my teachers mentioning to use a block and all I could think was “pssh… that’s for beginners.” Boy, how wrong I was!

emily kane

Even over a decade later I still struggle with those perfectionist thoughts but they’ve settled down a lot. After high school I went on to complete a Bachelor of Kinesiology with the intention of going into physiotherapy; I loved the idea of helping people in a meaningful way. Yoga stuck with me throughout post-secondary and as the years went on I found myself getting stressed with the pressure of school. I finally hit a breaking point to realize I was sacrificing many of the things that I loved. I reflected on what was really important and how my career could be integrated into that lifestyle. This led me to pursue yoga teacher training and open a yoga studio in Whistler Village. I get to enjoy a life that inspires me whether it’s on or off-the-mat.

When I was offered the opportunity to teach students to become yoga teachers with Yogacara Global it seemed like a match made in heaven. I was so excited to share my perspectives and watch students make their own discoveries. I believe Yogacara Global embraces the deeper practice of yoga that goes beyond the physical practice. For me it’s important to be associated with a school that encourages students to live their yoga and embrace the values that are key to living consciously.

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I loved her approach towards teaching the holistic portion as it included lots of discussion. She didn’t spoon feed us information and we were able to make discoveries on our own.  

Alexandra Tomkins, New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training

Her presence, teaching and gifts all contribute to the wonderful mentor she is. 

Sharon Neish, New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training

Emily has such a beautiful voice when singing all the mantras. 

Stephanie Cheung, New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training

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