Croatia Yoga Teacher Training

Croatia Yoga Teacher Training

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Welcome to historic Croatia and your 16 Day Intensive Immersion ~ Croatia Yoga Teacher Training in the seaside town of Pirovac just steps away from the Adriatic!

Accredited with Yoga Alliancethe Croatia Yoga Teacher Training program certifies  graduates as  200 Hour Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teachers.


Croatia Yoga Teacher Training | Program Guide

The following is your guide to the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training Program.   

Location | Pirovac, Croatia

Our Croatia Yoga Training takes place at the Villa Pirovac!

It is a PRIVATE Villa, located 40km from Zadar and 65km from Split, is nestled on the amazing Central Dalmatian Coast!  It is spacious and secluded and directly on the Adriatic oceanfront.

The town of Pirovac is a picturesque and is one of the most important tourist centres of the Šibenik Riviera. Pirovac if full of beautiful bays and pebble beaches. Two of Croatia’s National Parks are situated within 10 km – Krka, and Vransko Jezero.  

croatia yogaPirovac is an ideal location to get back to bascis, learn to breathe and to live and learn your yoga.

Croatia ~ filled with beauty, culture and amazing people!

Daily Schedule

Remember, this is an Intensive Immersion ~ it’s hard work, but wonderful work!

During the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training, please be prepared to focus all your energy on the training, and ensure you are well rested each evening in preparation for the early morning start time.

Review the detailed Daily Schedule for our Croatia Yoga Teacher Training.

Note: As part of your daily schedule, all Students (and Teachers) participate in post-meal clean up ~ 15 minutes after meals.

“On Day 1 of the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training, what time will I be expected to arrive?”

Croatia Yoga Teacher TrainingAll Students must be on-site by 4:00pm. As we organize the Shuttle transfer from Zadar Airport for you, and the drive is approximately 60 minutes, please ensure your flight arrives no later than 2:00pm on Day 1 of the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training.

Many students opt to arrive a night earlier, or take an overnight flight to ensure they are in Croatia with ample time to spare.

Program Fees | Payment Dates | Refund Policy

The Program Fees listed below are the total fees you will be committing to, should you join us for the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training.

Application Fee
$125 Canadian Dollars

Program Fees
$4,250 Canadian Dollars

Program Fees Include: double|shared accommodation with shared bath, meals, transport to & from
Zadar Airport, program tuition, all course materials, certificate & documentation administration for graduation (due to space limitations, there is no Single Occupancy option)

Payment Dates

$1,800 Canadian Dollars
due & payable 3 days after official acceptance issued via email

$2,450 Canadian Dollars
due & payable 35 days prior to start date of program (processed to credit card on file)

* airfare is not included in Fees

* all Fees are subject to 5% Canadian, Goods & Services Tax

* all Fees are listed & payable in Canadian Dollars Convert Your Currency


Refund & Payment Policy

Please review the full policy to ensure you understand our commitment as well as yours.  We don’t believe in “fine print”!


“What will the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training cost?”

The amount charged for the program is a total of $4,593.75 Canadian Dollars – this includes the application fee, program fees (as listed above) & taxes.

The additional expense you will incur will be for Airfare. If you are arriving by another means of transport (example: driving), you will also incur the expense related to that. As students are coming from all over the globe, the costs for these will be relative to where you are coming from.

“Do I have to stay on-site and utilize the accommodations and meals?”

This is an Intensive, Immersion program, and the very nature of it requires that all students are fully immersed. Students are required to “live” on-site for the duration of the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training.

“Why do you request a Deposit for the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training?”

The Deposit requested is a payment that is required by accepted students who are prepared to commit to the program. Once the Deposit is received, and long before the full fees are paid, we immediately plan, prepare and incur costs associated for that student, in full anticipation of them attending the program.


Curriculum | Course Materials | Admission Requirements

croatia yoga teacher trainingOur Need to Know section goes through each of these items in detail as they relate to your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training.  It is important that each prospective student review the details.

For the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training, course materials will be delivered to you (via courier) before the program begins. 

Number of Students Per Session

Your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training program will be capped at 13 Students!  

It is small enough to ensure an intimate environment and large enough to ensure a dynamic, engaging and holistic experience.  

Unique Benefits

yoga teacher training

Your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training is more than simply “learning to teach yoga.” The program is designed to show our commitment to you as you entrust us with your journey.

View the Unique Benefits of our programming.

Meet Your Teachers
croatia yoga teacher training

We Welcome YOU with OPEN ARMS

The Amazing Women who make up your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training Team are completely committed to Your Success!

Meet Each Teacher

Common Questions

bali yoga teacher trainingReview the most Common Questions we receive about our Croatia Yoga Teacher Training. They will likely answer many questions you may have.


Croatia ~ Common Questions

Are my Accommodations & Meals included?

Yes, your accommodations & meals are included in your Program Fees.


I would like to bring along a family member or friend to my training ~ Is that an option?

The ONLY location that has space & allows for this is the Kalani (Hawaii) Training, as they have a large facility, & your family/friends can stay on-site in a different area from you. There is NO reduction in cost if you opt to stay in their room. The full price applies to you as the student as we book our set area based on specific numbers. You can be in touch with Kalani directly to book these additions if you choose.

At all other locations there is no allowance for this due to space limitations. If you truly want them to come along, they would have to pay the full amount of a registered student or join the program as they would be taking up that space that another could attend.

We suggest that this is a time for YOU! It is intensive program and there is little or no time to spend with people outside your peer group.


Is there time for other activities during my stay?

We suggest that you extend your stay, or arrive early if you would like to take part in other activities. During Yoga Teacher Training there is no allotted time to experience the local area.


Closest Bank Machine?

We suggest that everyone arrive with ample funds upon arrival or withdraw funds at the airport on arrival.  Often times the Bank Machines in local areas are not easily accessible, and there is no guarantee that if you are in urgent need you will be able to get to one quickly. 

Come prepared!


Are special dietary needs accommodated?

Yes, with advance notice at the time of registration, we will try to arrange to have appropriate meals prepared for you.

The Chef on-site will advise what they are able to do and will try their best to accommodate requests. We cannot guarantee all requests, but we always try our best.

When applying, please provide detailed information about your specific dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free) when registering. Dietary requests around medical issues are always priority.


I have problems sleeping. How will this work with sharing a room?

All students are required to indicate sleeping behaviours or irregular patterns (example: restless sleepers, snoring etc.) when completing the application form.

We do our best to accommodate sleeping behaviours that match or compliment one other in order to ensure you have a good nights sleep, every night. We ask that all students bring along earplugs and eye patches for sleeping.


Wi-Fi & Cellular Service?

Wi-Fi access is available & complimentary, but limited to certain areas and the connection tends to be slow – any connection that is utilized is meant solely for quick email checks, and not live streaming or downloads. Skype will not be accessible with these connections.

Cellular Service is available depending on your service provider.

During the training sessions NO electronic devices will be allowed for use.   There is little time to use services outside of the program, so be mindful of what you really need to bring along.  When in classes, we want you to “let go” and be present!  :-)

We ask that you ensure you have a data or calling plan on your phone if you need to be in touch with family and friends.  


Do I need my Yoga Mat?

Yes, please bring along your yoga mat.


Is this just for people wanting to teach Yoga?

No, absolutely not! Anyone wishing to delve deeper into their practice is welcome to join us. The skills and tools we learn in the program can be applied to many aspects of life… Yoga does not just happen on the mat – it happens in every moment!


Why do you charge the Canadian Taxes?

We are a Canadian Company and as such are governed by the tax laws of Canada. Regardless of where the program is, we are required, by law, to charge the Goods & Services Tax as this program is considered a service.


Is the water safe to drink?

Absolutely! The water is filtered and safe to consume. Water is available to you all-day and we suggest you bring along a re-usable (NOT GLASS, and preferably not plastic) water bottle to re-fill through-out the day.

Coffee is available to everyone at breakfast. Water and tea is available throughout the balance of the day.


Will Coffee be available?

Coffee is served every morning at breakfast. After breakfast, both water and tea are available throughout the day.


Are the fees truly all inclusive?

Our Program Fees posted by program include everything listed.


Will I need an electrical adaptor?

All the locations of our abroad program (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF EUROPE & ASIA) have the same power as the United States: 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity. Plugs are typically the 2 pronged flat type outside of North America, so American or Canadian travelers will not typically need a converter or adaptor, however many outlets may only be 2 pronged so you may need an adaptor for any 3 pronged items you are bringing, particularly laptops.

If you are uncertain, please check with this Global Listing.


Is this the initial training for Yoga Teachers?

Yes, this is first program that all prospective teachers attend. There are opportunities for teachers to continue on with advanced programming thereafter.

When you complete our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program you will be certified to teach Hatha & Vinyasa Classes.  Specific programs such as Yin or Restorative are continuing education programs that you will take after this initial training, if you choose to do so.


Is Age an issue?

Yoga knows no age and it is never too late or too early to start. All students must be a minimum of 18 Years of age to take the program, but from there on everyone is welcome in our program.

If it is any inspiration, our oldest graduate (Khatun, December 2012) was in her late 70’s!


What if I am new to Yoga?

Everyone is new to Yoga each and everyday. There is no perfection in Yoga, so everyone is welcome at the level they are at. In the program, we all start from the beginning, together!


When I leave the program, will I be able to teach public classes?

Absolutely! Rest-assured that our program is not just a cookie-cutter program designed to get students in & out the door as quickly as we can. Our focus is you, the student, and the student becoming the teacher. Your teaching will be a direct reflection of our program and our intention is based on providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. We will have failed our students if we have provided them with anything less.


Do I need to be fluent in English?

We welcome students from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Due to the intensity of the program, we require all students be fluent in the English language (reading, writing & speaking).


I am Canadian, will I receive a T2202?

No, for this program you will receive an official receipt for all payments received, however you will not receive a T2202 slip at the end of the year. Based on our current tuition structure, we are not required to be registered with PCTIA and therefore do not provide the T2202 slips.

The official receipt we provide can be used for income tax purposes against your income earned. Should you need to apply for a BC Student Loan, PCTIA programs are the only ones that can offer that additional benefit.


Policy on alcohol, smoking & drug use?

We ask that all students do their best to refrain from alcohol and drug use during the program. Prescription medication is acceptable assuming it is not being used recreationally.  

Smoking is acceptable, but only in the designated areas.  If you are a smoker, please ensure you list it on the application.  

NOTE:  Some of our Locations are NON-SMOKING Facilities.  Te Moata, New Zealand is a NON-SMOKING facility.

All that being said, when possible, we will provide some local wine during your graduation celebration for students who would like to enjoy a glass!


Arrival Logistics

croatia yoga teacher trainingGetting to Pirovac is not complicated.

Included in your program fees is the land shuttle from Zadar Airport on Day 1 of Program, and back to Zadar Airport on Departure Day of Program.

Once we are within 8 weeks of the program we will ask you to confirm all your flight details. We will then assign you to a shuttle time – that shuttle will meet you at the Airport and take you to your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training!

When considering flight options, please ensure your flight does not arrive later than 2pm on Day 1 of Program. Your departing flight should be scheduled for after 1:00pm on Departure Day.

If you are driving yourself Pirovac, please email us for detailed directions.

Please DO NOT book flights for your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training until you receive the travel confirmation notice from our Group Leader.

Ready To Apply?

When you are ready to make the commitment to join us for the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training, please follow these steps:

STEP 1:  Apply On-Line

STEP 2:  Await Confirmation of Acceptance (via email within 3 days)

STEP 3:  Our Team Leader will Guide You Through the Balance


Ready to Apply?  Apply for Your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training

croatia  yoga teacher training

Croatia Yoga Teacher Training | Practical Items

Now that you have reviewed the administrative details, here is some specific information on practical matters when travelling for your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training.

What To Bring

When you travel for your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training, pack smart! You don’t need much to enjoy your stay.

Croatia Packing List
 * laundry machines are available on-sitecroatia yoga

* comfortable, loose clothing for teacher training sessions (nothing fancy required)

* yoga mat

* bug spray & after-bite solution

* power adapter as needed

* good walking shoes | sandals

* beach towel

* small, thin blanket for meditation

* swimsuit

* sleeping eye patch

* earplugs (highly suggested – we cannot cure a snoring room-mate)

* lightweight rain poncho (just in case)

* sunscreen & sun hat

* alarm clock

* camera

* copy of travel insurance

* passport & visa (if required based on your citizenship)

* flashlight & batteries (absolutely mandatory – you will need this in the evenings)croatia yoga teacher training

* 1 book reading light that you can attach to reading materials in the evening (see sample image) NOTE: this is DIFFERENT from the flashlight requirement

* long sleeve shirts for evenings | short sleeve for day-time

* long & short pants * money (Euros & Croatian Kuna) | ATM is NOT easily accessible

* water bottle (NO GLASS BOTTLES – BPA Free Bottles or Stainless Steel Only)

* travel first aid kit

* sun-glasses

* sweatshirt or light coat for colder evenings

* writing instruments & notepad (please have at least 3 or 4 writing instruments as you are writing each and every day)

* electronic devices BUT these are not allowed for use during teacher training sessions at any time

* energy or protein bars (optional, but suggested)

* hand towel for your yoga mat (optional, but suggested, especially in warmer climates)

* Vitamin C, Zinc & Electrolytes (optional, but suggested when travelling long distances via air ~ it also helps when alcohol is not consumed during travel, and you stay hydrated along the way)

The Awe of Croatia

This is a story about a land of a thousand islands, her magical nature and rich heritage, her great heroes whose deeds have forever etched the name of Croatia in large letters on the map of the world.

This is a story about a land whose beauties have been celebrated since ancient times. From Cassiodorus, who wrote of the divine life led by Patricians on her shores, to Dante, who wrote his immortal verses, enthralled by the epic scenes of the blue expanse, to George Bernard Shaw, who found his paradise on Earth right here; Croatia has always been a place of true inspiration.

Come & Find Inspiration during your Croatia Yoga Teacher Training!

How Can We Help?

Still Have Questions about the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training? Our Teacher Training Centre is here to assist as you consider joining us for the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training.  We are available 7 days a week, so please connect croatia yoga teacher trainingwith us and let us know how we can help!

We want to ensure that the Croatia Yoga Teacher Training program is truly the program that reflects what you are seeking!

Connect With Us!



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Training Dates



April 20 – May 5, 2015
Co-Lead Teachers

Alison Boons & Reet Ravanelli

September 5 – 20, 2015
Co-Lead Teachers

Alison Boons & Reet Ravanelli

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