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Ally Potrebka Shares ~ I started practicing yoga in 2008 when my sister introduced me to it. For the next couple years I practiced sporadically and mostly focused on asana and the physical benefits. Around 2012 I started doing yoga more regularly as a way to manage stress and find relaxation. In 2013 I decided to take yoga teacher training to deepen my knowledge of yoga beyond the asana, and that is what lead me to Yogacara. I took my 200-hour teacher training in Whistler, BC with Yogacara and dove head first into living my yoga.

ally potrebkaAlthough I wasn’t planning to teach many classes, when I got home from training I quickly found a community of like minded people and grew my student base with workshops, classes and even a yoga festival. Helene always kept in contact and when the opportunity to become a yoga teacher trainer arose she asked me if I would be interested in applying for the job. She received a big ‘YES!’ That was early 2015 and I’ve been nothing but ecstatic with my decision to join this family. I’m grateful for this opportunity to work for the best teacher training out there. Although I may be a little biased. Yogacara truly has the most authentic, caring, hilarious and real teachers I’ve ever met.

Since I started practicing yoga I’ve witnessed myself become a more compassionate, empathetic, grounded and strong willed human. These emotional benefits are what keep me going back to my mat. When I practice yoga I feel more connected to the energy and myself that connects all of us. I live my yoga by practicing these qualities off my mat with the hope that my personal energy can positively influence others.

I love being a yoga teacher because it allows me to help build a community of people who support each other. I look at teaching as my way of giving back to my local and global community by holding space for others to find themselves.

Being a yoga teacher trainer has been an amazing opportunity to help lay the foundation for students to learn about the practice and themselves. I hope that as a teacher trainer I help students become authentic and enthusiastic teachers who continue to spread the joy of this wonderful practice.

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Ally is really knowledgeable about cueing poses and teaching us how to be more direct.  

Kristen Wilson, France Yoga Teacher Training

Ally helped coach, challenge and support as we learned to teach the asanas and helped give me the language to help explain poses properly. 

Dalia Atef, France Yoga Teacher Training

Ally has a lovely approachable personality, with lots of experience to pass on
to new teachers. 

Denise Smith, France Yoga Teacher Training

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