All About Yoga

What is yoga? I deeply believe that yoga is love.

Of course, the health benefits are obvious and pretty much impossible to deny, but the real value of yoga lies beneath, under the surface. And in spite of the fact that we all love to look good and enjoy practicing in proper attire (especially women but men are no huge exception, we all like to look good, no matter what we do), the real value is in it’s deep benefits to the inner world, to our core. And at the bottom or at the very base if you will, is the foundational energy of everything. Call it whatever you want, different people and different schools have different terminologies but what it fundamentally is is love.

You definitely don’t have to believe it. It is something that will manifest itself through your actions, through your interaction with the outer space, with the world. Others will feel it. Your operational frequency changes as you progress through the various positions and deep meanings of yoga. Breath deeply, relax, feel the beautiful prana and enjoy the ancient energy flowing barrierlessly through your body. Live, love.