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Alison Boons Shares

Alison Boons Shares ~ Alison discovered yoga when a girlfriend dragged her to her first class over 10 years ago, and it was love after the very first Savasana. Alison decided to become to dive deeper into her practice, to learn about the history and philosophy of the practice when she took her first Yoga Teacher Training program in 2009. With no initial desire to teach, she discovered that her soul was asking her to share her love for the practice and has been teaching ever since.

alison boonsSince her initial training she has completed a 35 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and is registered with Yoga Alliance. Alison completed her Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, 1000 hours, training in 2013, which has shaped the way she continues to teach and grow both professionally and personally.

Alison believes strongly in the power of yoga to bring awareness to self, to assist with stress and to deepen our knowledge, trust, happiness and love with ourselves and all those around us. She continues to further her education and understanding of the teachings of Yoga, and the inspiration and grace that comes with a regular yoga practice. She encourage her students to be mindful of their breath in order to connect to their bodies and minds & bring awareness to the present moment. She strongly believes that while asana is extremely important to a yoga practice, it is just the underlying edge, and encourages her students to find the right balance own their own mat, being curious about how poses show up in their bodies learning how to connect deeper to themselves and their lives.

Alison came to yoga, like most people, out of curiosity and it has been a deep relationship ever since. She believes in the power of yoga to heal our bodies, hearts, minds and souls and knows from personal experience after having a rough couple of years of severe health complications, it is the one staple that has always remained consistent.

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Alison was fantastic – she clearly knows what she is doing, and is passionate about sharing yoga with others. 

Kristen Wilson, France Yoga Teacher Training

I thought Alison facilitated the yoga philosophy discussions awesomely… some very hard topics to get people talking about, but she did. 

Brenda Tittlemier, Thailand Yoga Teacher Training

Alison’s group lectures on yoga philosophy were really educational, and I liked the questions she asked to make us find ways to incorporate the teachings into our classes and everyday life. 

Morgan Dice, Hawaii Yoga Teacher Training

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