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Helene Whitfield founded Yogacara in 2008. Inspired by her own transformative experiences with Yoga, she wanted to bring the practice to others.  Moving out of the corporate world and into yoga studio ownership was the first step to building this family.

Originally a single studio in Vancouver, Canada, Helene created Yogacara as a space for public classes where the traditional Yoga practice could be accessed by everyone. Other Yogacara studios were later opened and Yogacara Whistler continues to thrive.  This studio is now owned by one of our Teacher Trainers, Emily Kane.yogacara

In 2011, Yogacara turned its attention to the education and training of Yoga Teachers. Originally offered only in Vancouver, it was soon evident that there was a demand for Yogacara Yoga Teacher Trainings, globally.

Motivated by a desire to offer students the opportunity to learn traditional Yoga in beautiful locations ~ and within a timeframe that accommodates the busy lives of many teachers-to-be ~ Yogacara began offering Global Yoga Teacher Trainings. The Intensive Immersion model was developed slowly over time and the result is the Holistic Hatha and Vinyasa programming that Yogacara has become known for.  As we have grown, so have our program offerings.

Yogacara was built with love due to the patience and care of Helene and her husband Michael (has a career in Information Technology) as well as their two children Hudson (age 16) and Ella (age 9) and Nala, the dog.

The larger Yogacara Family – our Teachers and Alumni – continues to evolve and grow, as we all do.

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Venturing into Teacher Training takes careful consideration;  finding the right schedule that meets your needs and finding the program that resonates with you.  There are many questions you may have & we would be happy to answer those.

Alison Boons, Teacher Training Administrator, and the entire team is here to support you in making the right decision ~ even if it is not our program you choose to come to!


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