300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ~ Advanced

Alison, Juan & Nancy Welcome You

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ~ Advanced

300 hour yoga teacher training

Welcome to Your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ~ Advanced Program

Your 29-Day Intensive Immersion takes place at the sanctuary of  Villa Boreh  ~ situated on the magical north shores of Bali.  The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ~ Advanced Program is held once a year.

Accredited with Yoga Alliancethe 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program certifies graduates as 300 Hour Hatha & Vinyasa Advanced Yoga Teachers.  Combined with your 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, you will qualify as a 500 Hour Teacher.

Your Complete Program Guide

The following is your guide to your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training ~ Advanced Program.   You will find detailed information to help you make an informed decision.  

Why Take Your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

Take the next step toward manifesting the life you want!

Whether you’re a Teacher or a devoted practitioner, our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training gives you the tools you need to move in the direction of the life you want. In our comprehensive Advanced Program, we prepare you to enter the blossoming yoga industry with the skills and confidence required to succeed.

Our small, intimate class sizes and post-training mentorship program provide a nurturing, community atmosphere to help you discover your unique gifts and talents and develop both personally and professionally.

Dive deeply into your yoga practice and your self with a multitude of subjects to expand your mind and heart. From the vast reservoir of the Yogic arts and sciences to Buddhist and Ayurvedic practices, we provide you with education and guidance that supports you in designing a brighter future ~ for yourself and all those whose lives you touch.

Yogacara’s 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is for anyone and everyone who has completed their 200 Hour (Yoga Alliance Certified) Yoga Teacher Training.

We Welcome You!

Magical Bali

Bali may be small in size ~ but its prominence as a destination is huge.  Ask travellers what Bali means to them and you’ll get as many answers as there are flowers on a frangipani tree.  It is truly a magical place.

People often say Bali is: virescent rice terraces, pulse-pounding surf, enchanting temple ceremonies, mesmerizing dance performances and ribbons of beaches.

Bali’s population is spread over the whole island, including those in the smaller islands. Farming has been the primary way of life in Bali. Where else in the world is fishing, trading and craftsmanship in fashion from generation to generation.

Bali has an abundance of things to do and things to see.

During your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training be ready to be inspired by the colours, the beauty, the scents, the nature and most importantly, the amazing Balinese people!

Venue | Villa Boreh, Bali


Situated along at the north shores of Bali, Villa Boreh exudes an elegant simplicity, with the modern basic comforts of the Western World.

300 hour yoga teacher trainingVilla Boreh is more than just a place to stay. Set in lush tropical gardens overlooking the ocean, this relaxed resort lies in the North of Bali, away from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy areas of Bali. It is the perfect back drop to immerse yourself in your yoga practice.

With 2 pools, and the beautiful ocean just steps away, it is the perfect place to wake early and watch the sunrise during morning meditation. The Yoga Shala is located in a quiet, shaded area of the Centre; with teak floors and zen, lush natural gardens surrounding it, it is the ideal space for contemplation and your Bali Yoga Teacher Training.

Villa Boreh is breathtaking and seductive. An idyllic location away from the hustle and bustle of tourist traps around the more popular regions of Bali. The accommodation is best described as eco luxury. The staff are extremely welcoming and friendly and the management are always on hand to cater to your needs. Coming to Villa Boreh means moving away from the pressure of modern distractions.

~ Melanie Desmon, Sydney, Australia

Learn more about Villa Boreh and the amenities for the Bali Yoga Teacher Training.

Daily Schedule

Your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will be filled with exciting challenges each day.

Please be prepared to focus your energy on the training. Ensure you are well rested each evening in preparation for the early morning start time.  The daily schedule does allow for down time each week, so that you may re-energize and re-focus.

Remember, this is an Intensive Immersion ~ it’s hard work, but wonderful work!

300 hour yoga teacher training

“On Day 1 of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, what time will I be expected to arrive?”

300 hour yoga teacher trainingStudents must be on-site by 4:00pm. Please ensure that your flight arrives no later than 12:00pm on Day 1 of the program. The shuttle takes approximately 3 hours from the airport, so please ensure you have ample time.

Students often opt to arrive a night earlier, or take an overnight flight to ensure they are in Bali with ample time to spare.

Program Fees | Payment Dates | Refund Policy

Program Fees
$8,875 US Dollars

Program Fees Include:
double|shared accommodation with shared bath, meals, program tuition, program manual, workbook, asana manual, journal, tote bag, certificate & documentation administration for graduation
(Textbooks are purchased directly by the Students as Ebooks or Printed Books)

There IS the option of  SINGLE OCCUPANCY  for 4 rooms ~ for those who wish to book these, there is an additional fee of $1,650 USD.  Once those are accounted for only double occupancy options remain.  Please email us to confirm the Single Occupancy Option is still available.

Payment Dates
$1,800 US Dollars

due & payable 10 days after official acceptance issued via email

$3,000 US Dollars
due & payable 60 days prior to start date of 
(processed to credit card on file)

$4,075 US Dollars
due & payable 35 days prior to start date of 
(processed to credit card on file)

* airfare is not included in Fees

* all Fees are INCLUSIVE of Tax

* all Fees are QUOTED in US Dollars Convert Your Currency

Refund & Payment Policy

Please review the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training full refund & payment policy to ensure you understand our commitment as well as yours.  We don’t believe in “fine print”!

“What will the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training cost?”

300 hour yoga teacher trainingThe amount charged is a total of $8,875 US Dollars – this includes the items (as listed above) & taxes.

The additional expense you will incur will be for Airfare. If you are arriving by another means of transport (example: driving), you will also incur the expense related to that.

You will also incur the cost of purchasing your Textbooks (printed or ebooks) 8 weeks before the program start ~ this investment is approximately $100 USD.

“Do I have to stay on-site and utilize the accommodations and meals?”

This is an Intensive, Immersion program, and the very nature of it requires that all students are fully immersed. Students are required to “live” on-site for the duration of the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

“Why do you request a Deposit for the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?”

The Deposit is a payment that is required by students who are prepared to commit to the program. Once the Deposit is received, and long before the full fees are paid, we plan, prepare and incur costs associated for that Student, in full anticipation of them attending the program.

Currency Conversion ~ IMPORTANT

Currency Conversion ~ IMPORTANT 

All prices QUOTED in US Dollars.

Prices are converted, then CHARGED in Canadian Dollar equivalency.  Your email receipts will indicate the Canadian Dollar equivalent of the charge.

Items are converted based on the exchange rates of Global Currency Rates on the date the transaction is processed.

Pre-Requisites & Admission Requirments

To be considered for our 300 Yoga Teacher Training ~ Advanced program, you must comply with the following Admission Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older (we Welcome students of ALL ages)
  • have reviewed program details throughly
  • have completed the on-line, admission, application
  • have an English level that allows for reading, writing & speaking to a level of full comprehension
  • must not have a severe medical condition that will preclude a student from participating (persons who have a medical condition that does not interfere with their safety and their participation will always be considered for trainings)
  • have successfully completed their 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training from a recognized and accredited school (no exceptions can be made for this requirement)
  • be able to refrain from drug & alcohol use during the program
Curriculum & Course Materials


Like all 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Registered Yoga Schools, our program is required to offer a curriculum based on the guidelines issued by Yoga Alliance.  Within these programs is where prospective students will find the differences in how the curriculum is delivered.  

Our curriculum has an intense focus on deepening your practice on all levels ~ not simply 1 or 2 aspects.

  • Basic Foundational Review as it applies to Advanced Teaching (from 200 Hour Training)
  • Advanced Teaching Methodology, Sequencing & Training
  • Asana Labs (The Postures) ~ View Asana List
  • Anatomy & Physiology (in relation to Yoga Asana)
  • Meditation
  • Advanced Yoga Philosophy
  • Lifestyle & Ethics of Yoga Teachers
  • Bhagavad Gita (full review)
  • Chakras, Vayus , Koshas
  • Sanskrit ~ Use & Understanding
  • Bandhas
  • Drishti ~ Understanding the 9 Drishtis
  • The Ethics of Assisting & Adjusting
  • History of Yoga
  • Practicum Teaching (daily)
  • Discussion Sessions
  • Practicum Evaluation (of Student teachings), Final Written Examination
  • Creating Yoga Workshops & Weekend Retreats
  • Post-Program Mentorship by Co-Lead Teachers (outlined in training)
  • Pre-Program Homework (reading ~ approximately 10 hours & video review)

Course Materials

These items in red are included in your Program Fees and will be issued on Day 1 of Program.

The items in blue, are not included in your Program Fees and Students will purchase on their own as Ebooks or Printed Books and bring to the training.  Always remember that textbooks are reference tools – doing (experiential learning) is the absolute best way to learn, and we will spend numerous hours nurturing Students in a practicum setting.  ALL TEXTS ARE TO BE PURCHASED IN ENGLISH.

In the rare instance that a Student is in an extremely remote geographical area and cannot receive or place their own order for delivery, we will work with the Student to ensure they have everything they need. This will be at a cost of $200 US Dollars.

Please DO NOT purchase any items, until your receive the official notice from our office, 8 weeks prior to the program start date.

  • 250 Page, Full Colour ~ Program | Asana Manual  & 80 Page, Full Colour ~ Workbook
  • How to Meditate,  Pema Chodron (Students Will Purchase)
  • The Path of Yoga:  An Essential Guide to Its Principles & Practices, Georg Feuerstein (Students Will Purchase)
  • Yoga Anatomy ~ 2nd Edition, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews (Students Will Purchase)
  • Tote Bag for Books
  • Journal
Pre-Program Homework Requirements

300 Hour yoga teacher training8 weeks prior to your 300 Hour Teacher Training program, we will send you details on Homework that must be completed. The majority of homework will be reading.

These are part of your curriculum hours and are mandatory ~ at the end of each task we will ask you to verify completion via our on-line tool.

We expect that the average Student will take 10 hours.  If for some unforeseen reason you are unable to complete all items before the start of the program, these will need to be completed post-program and before official Certificates are issued.

Please Don’t Stress ~ the work is meant to be enjoyable. It will give you a bit of a feel for what lies ahead.  We will re-visit the items you have read in your homework during the program.  For those of you who have English as a Second Language, this will be helpful in getting some of the more challenging reading done.

Number of Students Per Session

300 hour yoga teacher training

Your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program will be capped at 18 Students!  

It is small enough to ensure an intimate environment and large enough to ensure a dynamic, engaging and holistic experience.  

Unique Benefits

Your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is more than simply advancing your skill-set.   The program is designed to show our commitment to you as you entrust us with your journey to explore, in depth, our curriculum and how to incorporate that into your Teaching and Personal Practice.

View the Unique Benefits of our programming.

Are You Ready for a 29 Day Intensive?

When considering our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training,Intensive Immersion program it is really important to ask yourself ~ Am I Ready for the Intensity of 29 Days?  We want to ensure that Students are prepared.

This program is living, eating, practicing, learning and breathing Yoga from the moment you arrive, until the moment you leave.

You have to be prepared mentally and physically as the days are long and a well-rested evening is important.  Even though we share this with all Students in advance, sometimes Students can be overwhelmed by the amount of learning and focus that is required.  It is hard work, hard play, but most importantly, it is a life changing experience.  If you read Reviews of graduates, you will sense a consistent theme… “So much learning, so much community, great Teachers, so wonderful… but be ready.”

Although we are practicing and learning in beautiful places around the world, during your training there is no allotted time to explore the area. Your training days are devoted to helping you become the very best Yoga Teacher you can be.

While we do provide periods of downtime in which you can catch your breath and process what has been taking place physically and mentally, these times will pass quickly and then we are back to learning.

Please plan to explore and discover the country before or after your training.

Meet Your Teachers

Your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Teachers are committed to Your Success, Your Experience and helping You Live Your Yoga!  

We Welcome You with Open Arms

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Learn More About Your Teachers ~ View Bios

yoga teachersJuan Shares ~ I have a deep appreciation for calm, quiet spaces. When I enter a spacious room, with high ceilings, big windows and quietness I feel at home. With this 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program my intention is to provide the feeling of a welcoming and safe space for yoga teachers who want to deeply immerse themselves in their journey as human beings.

We are all unique with different goals and I hope to provide an opportunity for students to individually continue their self discovery and growth. Through my teaching I hope to inspire and to be inspired. I would like to meet seekers of inner and outer peace, people who love the connection between philosophy, science and art while remaining conscious of the growth of yoga culture.

I can’t wait to meet you, I can’t wait to share more with you and dive into some of yoga’s fantastic subjects such as advance methods of teaching techniques, philosophy and history. I can’t wait to exchange ideas with you and learn from each other.

yoga teachersAlison Shares ~ Deciding to venture into your practice and take the leap into expanding your teachings and your learning is no simple task. As you dive into your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, I hope that the program not only restores your faith in your commitment to yourself and your practice but to expanding your knowledge and what you can offer your students.

As teachers, the greatest thing we can do is spread our knowledge and love, and by signing up for 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training you will explore new ways of learning, new ways of teaching by learning from your teachers and your peers (also other teachers). Whether you have a passion for asana or philosophy, dive in and see how you can incorporate all of it into your own personal practice and your teaching through new and unique ways of sequencing, teaching and by refining your skills.

In order to learn, we must be ready, in order to teach, we must learn, in order grow, we must dive in! I invite you to show up with an open heart and open mind and as an open vessel to receive all of what you can from this amazing experience, you will become an even better teacher than you already are.

yoga teachersNancy Shares ~ It is my wish as one of your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training teachers, that you bring your curiosity and passion for learning to our training.

Honor your past teachers and all that you have absorbed so far but stay grounded in your beginners mind; stay open and stretchy to all that is about to unfold. Be serious about your commitment to dive deeper into understanding the richness of the ancient practice of yoga. Stay playful in your exploration of movement, breath and mind.

I am so honored to be a part of your journey!

Common Questions

300 hour yoga teacher trainingReview the most Common Questions we receive about our 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. They will likely answer many questions you may have.

faqs 300HR Bali

Are my Accommodations & Meals included?

Yes, your accommodations & meals are included in your Program Fees.


Do I Automatically Graduate if I Attend?

No. | In order to successfully graduate from any Training program we offer, you must successfully meet the graduation criteria. Unfortunately, it serves no purpose for us to simply pass students who are not ready or able to teach. It is unfair to you, to the public you may teach and to the integrity of our programming.

At the beginning of reach program (during Orientation) the criteria will be clearly laid out as to the requirements for successful graduation.

It is our aim & commitment to ensure Students leave our programs ready. If the rare case this does not happen, the Student will not be certified to teach.


Are Tips or Gratuities required from Students?

The policy for Tipping & Gratuities is listed on this page below the Packing List.  Please Review.


Why are Breakfasts (& some other meals) in Silence?

Your entire day of programming contributes to your hours for the Training.  The meals that are in Silence specifically contribute to your meditation practice and the hours we allot.  

It is part of your programming to understand how Silence “Speaks”.  It is one of the most challenging , yet most rewarding things one can learn.  Silence as a Teaching Tool is a key component of our program.


Why do I need to purchase my own Textbooks or Ebooks?

Students come to our programs from every corner of the Globe.  The shipment of everyone’s Textbooks can be a large, logistical challenge. We have done this in the past and found that there were numerous issues in doing so.

It is best that Student’s purchase the Textbooks and bring them along to the program (we do not charge Student’s for these in our fees) ~ this simply works best.  

In the rare instance that a Student is in an extremely remote geographical area and cannot receive or place their own order for delivery, we will work with the Student to ensure they have everything they need.  This will be at a cost of $200 USD.  

Students will need Textbooks in advance of their start date in order to complete their Pre-Program Homework Requirements.


What is an Intensive Immersion?

We want to ensure that students are prepared for the intensity of the program. It is hard work, hard play, but most importantly, it is a life changing experience.

Although we are practicing and learning in beautiful places around the world, during your training there is no allotted time to explore the area. Your training days are devoted to helping you become the very best yoga teacher you can be.

While we do provide periods of downtime in which you can catch your breath and process what has been taking place physically and mentally, these times of reflection will take place on-site.

Please plan to explore and discover the country you are visiting before or after your teacher training.


Why is my receipt in Canadian Dollars & not US Dollars?

All Program Fees are QUOTED in US Dollars.  The Canadian Equivalency of the US Dollar amount quoted is processed to your Credit Card.  

On your email receipt you will see exactly what the US Dollar amount is and what the actual Canadian amount processed was.

Why do we do this?  This Venue charges us US Dollars, and by quoting US Dollars for our Program Fees, it ensures that the correct cost is applied for each program.  The conversion should not affect you, as the end result will be the same.  You will simply see it processed as Canadian Dollars for the equivalent amount of the US Dollar Charge.

For Example:  

  • John is ready to process his $1,800 USD Deposit for a 200 Hour Program 
  • Yogacara we will convert that to Canadian Dollars based on the day of processing exchange rate  (for this example let’s assume the conversion today is equal to $2,105.25 Canadian Dollars)  
  • Yogacara will process the payment of $2,105.25 Canadian Dollars to John’s Credit Card (John will have received notice that this will happen in advance) 
  • Once processed, John will automatically receive an email receipt indicating the US Dollar amount of $1,800 and the detail of the receipt will clearly show that $2,105.25 Canadian was charged 
  • John’s Credit Card provider will make the adjustment accordingly  
  • John will have paid $1,800 USD in Canadian Dollars  


How can I view my Ebooks if Electronic Devices are not allowed in the Yoga Classroom?

EReaders and Viewing Tablets are welcome in the space for the sole purpose of viewing your ETextbooks.  Phones are NOT acceptable viewing devices as they are far too small for images and general reading.

No data should be active on these devices while in the Yoga Classroom. This is the only exception regarding Electronic Devices.


Why do I see an International Exchange Fee or International Bank Fee on my Credit Card statement?

Some students will see a small charge to their Credit Card, and wonder why.

This charge is directly related to your Credit Card provider.  This charge is something that only some Credit Card providers will issue when you pay for something in a foreign currency (a currency other than what your Credit Card is in), or a foreign company processes a charge. Please contact your provider if you have any questions or concerns.  

Yogacara has no control over this fee, nor do we ask the provider to charge it.


Are all meals vegetarian?

Yes, all venues serve a vegetarian menu.

The only exception is Kalani (Hawaii) which also serves meat as an option (they are buffet style). If you are not a vegetarian normally, we suggest you bring along protein bars etc., to fill any void. The menus tend to allow for ample protein, but it can be a drastic change for those who are accustomed to meat daily.


What is Bali Belly?

Travellers to Bali can often be affected by what is known as ‘Bali Belly’ which is basically an upset stomach or travellers’ diarrhoea. Caused by a change in diet and lifestyle. Most often caused by an increase in exotic foods, too much food or an increase in alcohol intake, Bali Belly is treatable and will usually clear itself up sometimes within 24 hours, other times is may take a couple of days or even up to a week.

Moderating the changes you make to your diet and lifestyle, particularly in the first few days will help to minimize your risk of contracting Bali Belly. Personal hygiene is also an important factor and hand washing should be done thoroughly, particularly after going to the washroom, handling money and before you eat.

Should you get Bali Belly, you can treat the condition with anti-diarrhoea medications such as Imodium and Loperomide and activated charcoal tablets which are available from most supermarkets.

Drinking filtered water will minimize your risks of contracting Bali Belly and daily acidophilus tablets are also a popular preventative. However, it’s important to remember that symptoms can vary from the time of infection and the bug may last anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks and during this period, the infection is contagious so interactions with others should also be done carefully.


I would like to bring along a family member or friend to my training ~ Is that an option?

The ONLY location that has space & allows for this is the Kalani (Hawaii) Training, as they have a large facility, & your family/friends can stay on-site in a different area from you. There is NO reduction in cost if you opt to stay in their room. The full price applies to you as the student as we book our set area based on specific numbers. You can be in touch with Kalani directly to book these additions if you choose.

At all other locations there is no allowance for this due to space limitations. If you truly want them to come along, they would have to pay the full amount of a registered student or join the program as they would be taking up that space that another could attend.

We suggest that this is a time for YOU! It is intensive program and there is little or no time to spend with people outside your peer group.


Closest Bank Machine?

We suggest that everyone arrive with ample funds upon arrival or withdraw funds at the airport on arrival.  Often times the Bank Machines in local areas are not easily accessible, and there is no guarantee that if you are in urgent need you will be able to get to one quickly. 

Come prepared!


Are special dietary needs accommodated?

Yes, with advance notice at the time of registration, we will try to arrange to have appropriate meals prepared for you.

The Chef on-site will advise what they are able to do and will try their best to accommodate requests. We cannot guarantee all requests, but we always try our best.

When applying, please provide detailed information about your specific dietary needs (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free) when registering. Dietary requests around medical issues are always priority.


Do I need Vaccinations?

Vaccinations are not mandatory, but some students do opt to have the following vaccinations a minimum of 6 weeks before the training. It is your choice and we have not experienced any issues with contamination in the past. It is best to speak to your doctor about what is best for you.

Hepatitis A
CDC recommends this vaccine because you can get hepatitis A through contaminated food or water, regardless of where you are eating or staying.

You can get typhoid through contaminated food or water. CDC recommends this vaccine for most travelers, especially if you are staying with friends or relatives, visiting smaller cities or rural areas, or if you are an adventurous eater.


Is laundry service available?

Laundry is available ~ this is an additional cost to the student & is not included in fees.

I have problems sleeping. How will this work with shared sleeping arrangements?

All students are required to indicate sleeping behaviours or irregular patterns (example: restless sleepers, snoring etc.) when completing the application form.

We do our best to accommodate sleeping behaviours that match or compliment one other in order to ensure you have a good nights sleep, every night. We ask that all students bring along earplugs and eye patches for sleeping.  

If your venue is a dormitory style arrangement, this can be a larger challenge.  Come prepared with earplugs, eye patches etc.


Wi-Fi & Cellular Service?

Wi-Fi access is available & complimentary, but limited to certain areas and the connection tends to be slow – any connection that is utilized is meant solely for quick email checks, and not live streaming or downloads. Skype will not be accessible with these connections.

Cellular Service is available depending on your service provider.

During the training sessions NO electronic devices will be allowed for use.   There is little time to use services outside of the program, so be mindful of what you really need to bring along.  When in classes, we want you to “let go” and be present!  🙂

We ask that you ensure you have a data or calling plan on your phone if you need to be in touch with family and friends.  


Do I need my Yoga Mat?

Yes, please bring along your yoga mat.


Do I pay additional Tax?

No.  The pricing you see is already inclusive of all tax.


Is the water safe to drink?

Absolutely! The water is filtered and safe to consume. Water is available to you all-day and we suggest you bring along a re-usable (NOT GLASS, and preferably not plastic) water bottle to re-fill through-out the day.

Coffee is available to everyone at breakfast. Water and tea is available throughout the balance of the day.


Will Coffee be available?

Coffee is served every morning at breakfast. After breakfast, both water and tea are available throughout the day.


Are the Program Fees truly all inclusive?

Yes!  Our Program Fees are posted by Destination and include EVERYTHING LISTED on every each page, under the tab Program Fees | Payment Dates | Refund Policy. 

Taxes are INCLUSIVE in all of our pricing.

Outside of transportation, the only additional items Students will have to purchase and invest in are the Textbooks for the program.  The cost is approximately $100 USD.  Please visit our Need To Know section to see the what current Textbook listing includes.   We make this clear on every Destination’s page so Students understand their full financial commitment. 

Please do NOT purchase any items before we issue the official notice 8 weeks before the start of your program.

Currency Conversion ~ IMPORTANT 

All prices QUOTED in US Dollars.

Prices are converted, then CHARGED in Canadian Dollar equivalency.  Your email receipts will indicate the Canadian Dollar equivalent of the charge.

Items are converted based on the exchange rates of Global Currency Rates on the date the transaction is processed.


Will I need an electrical adaptor?

All the locations of our abroad program (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF EUROPE & ASIA) have the same power as the United States: 110 volt, 60 cycle electricity. Plugs are typically the 2 pronged flat type outside of North America, so American or Canadian travelers will not typically need a converter or adaptor, however many outlets may only be 2 pronged so you may need an adaptor for any 3 pronged items you are bringing, particularly laptops.

If you are uncertain, please check with this Global Listing.


Is Age an issue?

Yoga knows no age and it is never too late or too early to start. All students must be a minimum of 18 Years of age to take the program, but from there on everyone is welcome in our programs.  For 300 Hour Advanced Programming, you will need to have completed your 200 Hour programming first.

If it is any inspiration, our oldest graduate (Khatun, December 2012) was in her late 70’s!


Do I need to be fluent in English?

We welcome students from all backgrounds and ethnicities. Due to the intensity of the program, we require all students be fluent in the English language (reading, writing & speaking).


I am Canadian, will I receive a T2202?

No.  When payments are made, we will automatically email you an official receipt. However, you will not receive a T2202 slip at the end of the year ~ our programming does not fulfill the criteria for T2202.  

Please retain all email copies of receipts your receive.

The official payment receipts we provide can be used for income tax purposes against Yoga Teaching income earned.

Please discuss this further with your accountant or tax provider as every Country allows for different self-employment allowances.


Policy on alcohol, smoking & drug use?

We ask that all students do their best to refrain from alcohol and drug use during the program. Prescription medication is acceptable assuming it is not being used recreationally.  

Smoking is acceptable, but only in the designated areas.  If you are a smoker, please ensure you list it on the application.  

NOTE:  Some of our Locations are NON-SMOKING Facilities.  Suncokret, Croatia & Te Moata, New Zealand are NON-SMOKING facilities.

All that being said, when possible, we will provide some local wine during your graduation celebration for students who would like to enjoy a glass!


Tipping | Gratuity

300 Hour Yoga teacher training

A total of $85 USD is the standard amount of gratuity expected from Students attending a program at Villa Boreh for 29 days.

If you wish to provide an additional amount for exceptional service from a staff member, it is at your discretion. Students may leave this in the designated gratuity box on departure day.

Arrival Logistics

300 hour yoga teacher trainingGetting to your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is not complicated, it just takes some planning.

All Students are expected to be on site by 4pm on Day 1, and all Students depart the Centre after Breakfast on Day 29.

Bali is now becoming one of the fastest growing destinations for travel, so access has become much easier.

Students fly into Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport (also known as Denpasar Airport).  From the airport you will need to pre-arrange a shuttle (approximately 3 hours of land travel) for yourself to the Centre ~ Contact  Villa Boreh Guest Services.

Once we are within 8 weeks of the program start, we will ask you to confirm your flight details.  All Students are required to be on-site by 4pm of Day 1 of the Program.   When considering flight options, please ensure your flight does not arrive later than 12:00pm on Day 1 of Program.  Your departing flight should be scheduled for after 1:00pm on Departure Day.  

Unfortunately, Students cannot arrive at the Centre prior to 3pm of Day 1, as Staff begins check-in at 3pm. No early arrivals, or earlier stays are accommodated, as this is not a Centre that is open to the public before the program start.

Please DO NOT book flights for your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training until you receive the travel confirmation notice from our Group Leader.

Ready To Apply?

When you are ready to make the commitment to join us for the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, please follow these steps:

STEP 1:  Apply On-Line

STEP 2:  Await Confirmation of Acceptance (via email within 3 days)

STEP 3:  Our Team Leader will Guide You Through the Balance

Ready to Apply?  Apply for Your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

300 hour yoga teacher training

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training | Practical Items

Now that you have reviewed the program details, here is some specific information on practical matters when travelling to Bali for your 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

What To Bring

When you travel, pack smart!

Bali Packing List

* laundry service is available at an additional cost

* comfortable, loose clothing for teacher training sessions (nothing fancy required, but enough to get you through the training)

* yoga mat300 hour yoga teacher training

* bug spray | after-bite solution

* Anti-Nausea Medication

* Anti-Diarrhoea Medication

* Pro-Biotics ~ Acidophilus Medication

* good walking shoes | sandals

* beach towels

* small, thin blanket for meditation

* travel adapter

* swimsuits

* sleeping eye patch

* earplugs (highly suggested – we cannot cure a snoring room-mate)

* lightweight rain poncho (just in case)

* sunscreen

* alarm clock

* camera

* copy of travel insurance  (optional ~ if you choose to purchase insurance)

* passport & visa (if required based on your citizenship)

* flashlight & batteries (mandatory – you will need this in the evenings)300 hour yoga teacher training

* 1 book reading light that you can attach to reading materials in the evening (see sample image) NOTE: this is DIFFERENT from the flashlight requirement

* long sleeve shirts for evenings | short sleeve for day-time

* long & short pants

* money (Indonesian Ruphia) | ATM is NOT easily accessible

* water bottle (NO GLASS BOTTLES – BPA Free Bottles or Stainless Steel Only)

* travel first aid kit

* sun glasses

* sweatshirts or light coat for colder evenings

* writing instruments & notepad (please have at least 3 or 4 writing instruments as you are writing each and every day)

* electronic devices BUT these are not allowed for use during teacher training sessions at any time

* energy or protein bars (optional, but suggested)

* hand towel for your yoga mat (optional, but suggested, especially in warmer climates)

* Vitamin C, Zinc & Electrolytes (optional, but suggested when travelling long distances via air ~ it also helps when alcohol is not consumed during travel, and you stay hydrated along the way)

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Still Have Questions about the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?300 hour yoga teacher training

Our Teacher Training Centre is here to assist as you consider joining us for this Teacher Training.  Please connect with us and let us know how we can help!

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Training Dates

August 1 ~ 29, 2018 
Co-Lead Teachers

Juan Villegas
& Nancy Frohlick

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Spaces Left For 2018

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Student Reviews

Kirsty Koral

Graduate, April 2017
You’ll never regret committing to a 300hour YTT. It is the ultimate intellectual indulgence. A complete immersion in a yogic lifestyle with like minded people. You have the opportunity to expand your knowledge, Connect with amazing souls, Teach, Laugh, Cry, Listen, Have your mind blown, experience stillness, live a complete healthy lifestyle, Relax and really live your yoga. Every second brings a new lesson and even the lessons that don’t resonate will still teach you something.


Chantal Oswald

Graduate, April 2017
Be prepared that the program is very intensive, and that it can be physically and mentally taxing on your mind and body. I really struggled with that compared to the 200 hr. However, the great thing about the intensive nature of the program is that you can really live your yoga. You also get the opportunity to face anything that comes up for you while you’re in a supportive space. You have less distractions, so you have to chance to be curious with what comes up for you.


Sharon Neish

Graduate, April 2017
I found the 300 hour teacher training next-level yoga. The asanas were explored deeper with more advanced options offered, the philosophy integration with meditation was insightful and the exploration of pranayama and chanting has given me more confidence with my students to teach knowing I’m teaching not just instructing. This course will give you the tools and inquisition to understand yourself and others more compassionately from the highest part of you.


Joanna Griffin

Graduate, April 2017
One of the best aspects of this training was the small class size. I don’t know any other training facility that offers such small class sizes for 200 or 300hr trainings. This allowed us to really create a safe family from day one. Everyone was seen and heard and given all the encouragement and guidance needed to nurture their development on the course. If a student was considering a teacher training I would 100% recommend Yogacara. Their friendly approach is accessible and inclusive. The teaching is varied and the syllabus covers a wide variety of topics and the teachers are super knowledgeable and engaging.


Gilbert Valenzuela

Graduate, April 2017
300 hours is a lot, the days are slightly shorter than the 200 hour training, but still long. The breaks are spaced well apart. It’s a lot of information. Days are long, weeks fly by. The conversations, the people, the environment, the wealth of knowledge from the teachers and group are priceless. Just note that it is more than yoga poses, there is that aspect in the teacher training, but it’s much more that strictly learning the poses and how to teach them.


Nicole Seifert

Graduate, April 2017
Just go and book that thing, its worth every effort, in a beautiful destination with great and wonderful teachers … what else do you want? Chances are very high that you will meet people who share the same passion for yoga as you do, and you’ll get new friends for life which you might go to visit some day, coz some will probably live on the other end of the world, this is like getting new family members who will always be in your heart, one month is a long time to get to know each other and to bond, you will not only learn from the teachers but also from every single soul who is also participating in this program.


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